DmC: Definitive Edition Turbo Mode side-by-side comparison

Feb 18, 2015 // GregaMan

For today’s  DmC: Definitive Edition gameplay video, I did something a little different. Hit the jump for a side-by-side comparison of the game’s original speed versus the newly added Turbo Mode, which gives gameplay a 20% speed boost across the board. The original speed is great for beginning players, but I, for one, am never going back. You decide for yourself!

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(View in Google Chrome at 1080p60 for best results.)

0:09-0:21 – Dante races himself. Though it looks neck-and-neck for a brief moment, Turbo Dante quickly surpasses Non-Turbo. Note the differing fall rates.

0:22-0:38 – Hollow Vergil’s summoned swords sequence is essentially a choreographed evasion challenge, but note the differing rate of the sword animations. These sequences start on the exact same frame.

00:38-00:51 – A practical in-game comparison. Dante performs the same combo, starting on the same frame, but finishes several beats ahead in Turbo Mode.

00:54-3:26 – Side-by-side speed comparisons of individual moves for Dante and Vergil. All moves begin on the same frame of animation.  

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