DmC: Definitive Edition Style Tournament – Grand Prize Winner

Jun 03, 2015 // GregaMan

It’s been a long road peppered with passion, panache, technical mishaps and a strange sort of competitive camaraderie mirroring that occasionally seen in Dante and Vergil themselves, but we can finally crown a grand prize winner in the DmC Style Tournament. 

First off, we have our Dante submissions. Each Finalist submitted a Dante clip. Here’s a recap:

Our Dante showing was strong, but in the end the Dante vote was taken by SteeleSerpent, who secured 40% of the electorate, which translates to 12 votes. Zeno Xyvorean came in second with 9 votes.

For this Final Round, our Finalists were also required to each create a Vergil submission. This would prove to make or break. Here’s a recap:

Once again, the vote came down to SteeleSerpent and Zeno Xyvorean. Steele nabbed 9 votes, while Zeno took a solid 16. Which means….

Zeno Xyvorean takes it, with a total of 25 votes!!

Congrats, Zeno, you will be shipped a Grand Prize as soon as it becomes available. Our other Finalists will receive Japanese retail copies of  Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition .

Great job to all who participated, and look forward to our 4SE style tournament following the game’s release on June 23rd!