Dead Rising: Chop till you Drop!

Jul 22, 2008 // Colin

This job gets hard when you’re excited about an upcoming title but not able to tell anyone about it.  Finally, the zombie cat is out of the bag and ready to feast on some brains and I am able to talk about Dead Rising: Chop till you Drop for the Nintendo Wii.

Personally, it’s always been about the slow zombies for me.  Sure, a fast running zombie is scary in a jumpy sort-of way, but there’s something inevitable about the slow movers.  Like the incoming tide, its just a matter of time before they roll right over you…  also, its fun to put Servbot masks on them.  And there’s nothing like going after them with a chainsaw.

To celebrate the launch, I had to revisit one of our favorite videos for Dead Rising from the guys over at Mega64.  Just remember, he covered wars: