Dead Rising 2 OTR: Cosplay Warrior Skills DLC Pack

Nov 15, 2011 // GregaMan

So who’s playing Dead Rising 2 Off the Record?  I’m having far too much fun with this game, which is why I am now sleep-deprived and have images of zombie innards burned onto my retinas. 

Anyhoo, we’ve got another DLC pack for you Off the Record fans. Check it:

Cosplay Warrior Skills DLC

Cardboard Helmet
Monster Facepaint
Cardboard Armor
Cardboard Boots

Increases PP generation by 25%
Every attack grants extra PP
Special “warrior” attacks using the Practice Sword & Shield

That sounds mighty useful for anyone trying to level up in a hurry.

DLC pack costs $1.99 or 160MP and is available today.