Darkstalkers Resurrection Osaka In-store Demo

Mar 06, 2013 // ComboFiend

In an effort to get further feedback on Darkstalkers Resurrection, Capcom’s own Ayano-san gathered about 100 enthusiasts in Osaka and had them play Darkstalkers Resurrection and offer their thoughts afterward. Read the interview below to see how the in-store demo went and see how Ayano-san did himself against those present.

Hey everyone, Tomoaki Ayano here yet again to give you the dirt on Darkstalkers!

Last Saturday we had an in-store demo of Darkstalkers Resurrection in Osaka, Japan. We tried to include all of the requests that we’d got from our fans at the Akihabara event in Tokyo. This time, around 100 people showed up for the demo!

Even though it was raining and cold as heck, our outdoor display was greeted by a slew of red-hot combatants!

For a while, we even had to hand out numbered tickets to people in line. At first, many people were testing to see just how accurate the game was compared to the arcade versions, but later on we a ton of people playing just for fun.

There were a lot more new players than I thought there would be, and it was impressive seeing them have fun playing each other, exchange opinions and ask things about the intricacies of Darkstalkers such as what was Auto-Guard, how do you do chain combos, what does Dark Force do and so on.

Near the end of the demo I jumped in for some matches

I only won 1 out of 8 matches… I thought I’d win more than that, but things weren’t working in my favor that day.

Thanks to everyone who came to check out the game, even though it was super cold!

We got some additional questions from players who came to the demo, so I’d like to address them here.

â– Turbo Speed

Turbo settings are based on the original arcade version. You’ll be able to play just like you did in the arcade.

â– Online Battle Speed Setting

Night Warriors will be set to Turbo Speed 2, while Darkstalkers 3 will be Turbo Speed 3.

If you want to up that win rate online, you oughta start practicing using those settings!

â– Ranked Match Design

Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3 will have their own leaderboards; there will be four categories covering ranking points and win, loss and disconnect rates.

When you search for opponents, you can choose to search for anyone regardless or ranking points, or search for players whose ranking points are close to your own.

That’s it for today, thanks for reading!