Darkstalkers Resurrection coming to XBLA, PSN in 2013

Oct 11, 2012 // Minish Capcom

Welcome back, Darkstalkers!

Darkstalkers Resurrection is coming early 2013 to PSN and XBLA for $14.99/1200 MSP, and is packed to the (curiously handsome fish man) gills with content. First and foremost – two classic arcade games, Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3, reborn with HD visuals and the suite of filters and viewpoints seen in MvCO and Third Strike Online.

The video explains it all, but if you can’t stand to spare a minute or two, the topline stuff would be: GGPO online play, YouTube replay uploads, 8-player spectator mode and a huge assortment of unlockable goodies via the Vault system.

There’s also a thorough challenge/tutorial mode that introduces you to the game’s mechanics, so even first timers can hop aboard and learn why these characters are so damn cool.

Also notice how the HUD and dynamic achievements are tailored to the undeadly world of Darkstalkers – very nice!

We’ll have a stream Friday 10am ET to go over all this in detail, but uh yeah, glad these guys are back in the mix!