Crossover Games That Need to Happen, According to GamesRadar

Aug 16, 2010 // jgonzo

Over the weekend, GamesRadar published another fantastic feature article that discussed which crossover games needed to happen, in light of Street Fighter X Tekken. Included in this bunch is the theoretical title above: Street Fighter X Mortal Kombat. Wouldn’t that be an epic match up?

Then they go ahead and throw Resident Evil X Silent Hill, two of my favorite franchises (yes we play other companies’ games, shocker, I know). I would love to see that happen!

Finally, they threw in a pretty surprising crossover idea featuring Darkstalkers. Hit the jump to see it!

I’ve never played Disgaea, so you guys will have to tell me how good of a crossover this game would be!

What do you think? Which of these crossovers would you be excited about?

Thanks Zonic for the tip!