Cross Assault Daily Blog: Scramble Battle Resurrection

Feb 27, 2012 // Mattdeezie

Only two more days remain until the final four contestants are determined, who will head to Final Round to compete for $25,000 dollars.  Things are heating up, as only five more players are left active in the competition. 

Yesterday, Team Tekken took another crushing blow, as TFA Hornett defeated Bronson in the Elimination Match. The match was a real nail biter, with both players trading games back and forth. It was a gutsy move by Team Street Fighter to target Bronson, as he was one of the most controversial picks for the competition as many felt his skill level was too high. TFA Hornett rose to the challenge though with a great attitude, despite having already competed in two Elimination Matches prior.

Today we are going to mix things up. With players being eliminated from the competition early on before they really started to improve in the game, we wanted to give these players another incentive for still practicing and taking the competition seriously, despite already being eliminated. KOR and Dr. Sub Zero are both great examples of this, as they have shown very great improvements since their early performances, and have still been competing to the best of their abilities in all the Team Challenges. In today’s challenge, one of the eliminated players will have their chance to rise from the dead, and once again get back into the running for the $25,000 dollar grand prize. 

The theme of today is the Scramble Battle Resurrection Tournament. We have an even number of both active and inactive players, and we will be pairing everyone up in teams of one active and one eliminated player each. 

These teams will then compete in a Round Robin Tournament, using the Scramble Battle mode in the game.  Scramble Battle keeps all four characters on screen simultaneous through the whole match, and is the most frantic mode in Street Fighter X Tekken. It requires a completely different strategy than regular matches, so it will be interesting to see what tactics these teams can come up with today. 

For the team that scores the highest in the Round Robin Tournament, the eliminated player on that team will head directly to tonight’s Elimination Match. If he or she can pull off a victory, they will be revived in the competition and have another shot at the $25,000 dollar prize. 

For the team that scores the lowest in the Round Robin Tournament, the active player on that team will head directly to tonight’s Elimination Match.  f he or she loses this match, they will be eliminated from the competition. 

It should be interesting to see how the players react to this challenge today. I think many have been speculating there may be some sort of resurrection opportunity, however, I don’t think any of them would have expected us to pick Scramble Battle as the method.

See you all on the streams at crossassault.ign.com !