ComboVid’s Air Throw Exhibition, from EVO2k12

Jul 31, 2012 // Yuri Araujo

Hey Capcom-Unity!

Remember how I said I liked combo videos? It’s okay… this video will remind you! I know this dates back to EVO2k12 – we’re still trying to catch our breath from all the events this summer – but it’s still worth bringing it up since it’s so amazing.

See for yourselves below:

That should teach you to moderate your jumps, right? =) Anyways, this video is, hands down, my favorite combo video of 2012!

The amount of creativity and execution to make this happens may be proof that this is a rising art form in contemporary video game culture. I wonder if any of you would be interested in an art contest with this as a medium… =)

via Shoryuken