Christian teases you with hints of Capcom Natal game

Jan 13, 2010 // Kramez

Having seen Natal in action back when 3DV (the creators of the original technology) was still pimping the tech on their own, I am really excited about the possibilities. As dumb as it may sound, I really want to use the Natal as a remote for my media center, because waving your hands in the air to change channels or turn the volume up and down on your television IS THE FRICKIN’ FUTURE .

Capcom first teased you about Natal possibilities back in September ’09 during Tokyo Game Show, when Inafune-san appeared on a panel of “Natal creators” along with Kojima and that weirdly orange guy who made the Yakuza game for Sega. Insafune-san didn’t say much then, just as Christian doesn’t say much in this snippet from a longer G4 interview he did during CES:

“I think you’ll see again a brand focus on what we’re doing there [on Natal], perhaps a brand we haven’t seen in a while,” he said with a coy smile, as Capcom public relations eyeballed us. “That’s exciting.”

It’s true, we were eyeballing the hell out of him, ’cause Christian likes to drop the megaton on unsuspecting journalists just to see later what the internet makes out of his sekrits.

If you really want to be frustrated and confused over his very, very vague wordage, check out the rest of his coyness on G4.

Honestly, you will never, ever, EVER guess which franchise it is, but you will freak out when we finally announce.

Thanks, G4, for ‘shopping our logo over a Natal unit so that I didn’t have to!