Capcom Snapshots: Leon & Claire

Nov 17, 2023 // David Poole

It’s survival of the fittest in these Capcom Snapshots, and Leon and Claire are some of the fittest around!

Last week, we asked you for your best in-game screenshots of Leon and Claire. We’re glad some of you managed to get the two together, but we couldn’t help selecting some solo shots as well. Take a look below!

smthvalentine shares a heartwarming shot of Leon, Claire, and Sherry celebrating their survival in Resident Evil 2.

iryukxx gives us a close up of Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4.

madeinheavcnn captures a happier moment between Leon and Claire in Resident Evil 2.

Waleedx2007 shows us a great profile view of Leon in Resident Evil 4.

juli__gamer shows us an inquisitive Claire as she explores in Resident Evil 2.

InfectiousRebel concludes our selections with Leon marching toward his objective in Resident Evil 6.

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