Capcom Snapshots: Charge

Nov 03, 2023 // David Poole

Charging into another week of Capcom Snapshots!

Last week, we challenged you to provide us some of your best “charge” images. How you decided to interpret that was entirely up to you, and we picked out some really good entries.

kazuairou starts us off with their share of a charged up Zinogre from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

ZRNalajmy shares a powerful image of Jill Valentine charging up the Ferromagnetic Infantry-use Next Generation Railgun in Resident Evil 3.

emogothx gives us a shot of an electrically charged Fulgur Anjanath from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

xBrunnoFGx charges up a Shin Hashogeki in Street Fighter 6.

RosemaryWin0 gives us a glimpse at a man in charge with Wesker from Resident Evil 4’s Separate Ways.

danteleonhart closes us out by charging up Felicia’s EX meter in Capcom Fighting Collection (Vampire Saviors – The Lord of Vampire – ).

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2. No explicit content.
3. Images cannot be altered or feature modified content.
4. Images must not contain any personal information.
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Next week’s theme: Vergil!

Please share your Vergil photos by 11:59 AM Pacific on Wednesday, November 8 using the hashtag #CapcomSnapshots. Show us your motivation!