Capcom setting up for PAX

Sep 04, 2009 // Kramez

Seth and I unfortunately have to stay back in Cali (and enjoy our three-day weekend, muhahahaha!), but Team Capcom is already sweating up a storm in Seattle, prepping for tomorrow’s unslaught of nerddom at PAX. Remember to flash your Capcom Unity VISA card for extra savings and the occasional free sweaty hug from Francis.

From Left to Right: new dude Joveth, no longer new dude Shawn and even newer dude Gosei prep the invites for the Resident Evil 5 party on Saturday night

Unpacking the goods and assembling the Capcom booth

Darrin, like a hidden Sasquatch, and Young, putting together the Capcom Store. Mmm… Femme Fatale TE Sticks…