Capcom Recap: 08/11/2017 – 08/17/2017

Aug 18, 2017 // Yuri Araujo

This week at Capcom: venture further into the New World of Monster Hunter: World, celebrate Street Fighter’s 30th anniversary in style, and more!

New ecosystem revealed for Monster Hunter: World, the Wildspire Waste

Street Fighter V 30th Anniversary costumes coming August 29th

Steam Capcom Publisher Sale offers up to 80% off great Capcom games


Listen to your favorite tunes in Mega-style with the official Mega Man headphones . We have a traditional Mega Man blue version , featuring the blue bomber’s original colors as well as a fancy silver version , pictured above. But either version would be the perfect way to listen to the Mega Man soundtracks, be it while playing Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 , or listening to our Spotify playlist . Quantities are quite limited too!



Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2


All times listed are Pacific Time:

  • Tuesday , August 22nd @ 3PM – Street Fighter V
  • Thursday , August 24th @ 3PM – Resident Evil Revelations

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Working for the same organization as Jill Valentine during the events of Resident Evil Revelations, Chris Redfield is a Special Operations Captain of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.). Driven by a strong sense of justice despite being a bit bull-headed in his approach, Chris is well-known for taking care of those he commands and putting their safety above his own…. Keep reading


Patrick Kulikowski: For those of you familiar with Teepo’s story in Breath of Fire III and Toby Fox’s Undertale (which, interestingly enough, takes a bunch of inspiration from Breath of Fire !), this Tumblr fan art by Sovereign Slayer is for you. Toriel embracing the sobbing Teepo — a rambunctious, misunderstood delinquent — is sure to conjure up some intense feels. Ah, would you mind not slicing all those onions in front of me? It’s not helping! *fans self*

And on the Ace Attorney side of things, here’s some lovely fan art from @katsuneudon depicting a side of Franziska von Karma we rarely ever get to see. You have to imagine that past the tough, stern exterior of the whip-wielding prosecutor is a sweet, loving, and understanding waifu er, lady.


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Happy hunting!