Capcom Recap: 07/07/2017 – 07/13/2017

Jul 14, 2017 // Yuri Araujo

EVO 2017, Street Fighter V and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 news, and SGDQ streams you might have missed. Catch up on all this in this week’s Capcom Recap.

Everything Capcom at EVO 2017

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 pre-order + bonus

Save big and donate to charity with the Humble Capcom Rising Bundle

Coming to Street Fighter V on July 25th:

Next week is San Diego Comic Con! We will be attending the show (more details on games, panels, signings, etc. coming soon), and this means our streaming week will be a little shorter than usual. So please tune in for next week’s stream on Tuesday, July 18th, at 3pm Pacific before we head down for the show!


Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

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Kellen Haney: Hot off the presses (or tablets, in the case of digital art), Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz over at UDON Entertainment has created some incredible art of the Blue Bomber and a handful of Robot Masters to celebrate Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 !

Featuring a selection of Robot Masters representing the four games in this collection, Mega Man 7 through 10 , you can grab this amazing art as wallpaper for your PC or phone over at the official Mega Man website !

PS4 players who pre-purchase via the PlayStation Store get an extra bonus, too, with a special theme that utilizes art by both UDON as well as the development team at Capcom Japan. You can get more information on the theme and pre-orders here .


Patrick Kulikowski: Summer Games Done Quick 2017 has come and gone, like a swirling Shippuu in the night. Last week we highlighted the efforts of speedrunners who blasted through Resident Evil (RawDerps), Resident Evil CODE: Veronica ( Pessimism ), Mega Man X ( ColonelFatso ) , Mega Man X2 ( calebhart42 , Trogdor , Tokyo90 , ColonelFatso ) , Mega Man X3 ( Nu_ , Trogdor ) , and Mega Man X6 ( orsa ) as well as Onimusha: Warlords ( BOWIEtheHERO ) , but we didn’t want you to miss out on the other Capcom titles represented during this massive charity event! You’re going to want to see some of the incredible swinging and rapid fire tricks PJ pulls out in his 100% run of Bionic Commando Rearmed and other speedsters below:


STICKY NOTE: Did you make something cool? Send us a note or drop a comment below; we would love to feature your work here! Same goes for any awesome stuff you may see in the wild; we always welcome more fantastic fan work. =)


Once again, I’m leaving you with lots of live streams to either watch live or archives to catch up on. ^^;

Stay tuned for those SDCC details next week, and if you’re going to the show: see you there!