Capcom E3 Awards and Nominations Round Up

Jun 23, 2010 // jgonzo

We had an incredible booth at E3 this year, showing off the latest and greatest of our Capcom library. While we here on Unity love Capcom games, it’s nice to be recognized by other sites with E3 awards and nominations! We’ll keep updating this list as we hear more.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Gamespot – “People’s Choice”

Destructoid – “Best of Show” – Nominee

Kotaku – “Best Character Design” – Nominee

IGN – “Best Fighting Game” – Winner

1UP – “Best Fighting Game” – Winner

          ” Top 10 Best Looking Games of E3

GamesRadar – “Most Graphics” 🙂 – Winner

                        “Reason to Live” – Award

There are TOO many for MVC3! Hit the jump for the full expanded list, plus the rest of our games!

The Electronic Playground – “Best of E3” – Winner

Gaming Excellence – “Best Fighting Game” – Nominee

Popular Mechanics – ” The Top 5 Video Games for the Coming Year

Machinima – “Best in Show” – Nominee

                    “Best Fighting Game” – Nominee

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2

Kotaku – “Best Character Design” – Nominee

Voodoo Extreme – “Best Console Or Handheld Exclusive Of E3 2010” – Reader’s Choice Awards Nominee

Dead Rising 2

1UP – “Best Action Game” – Runner-up

Machinima – “Best Action/Adventure Game” – Nominee

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Kotaku – “Best DS Game” – Nominee

1UP – “Best DS Game” – Runner-up

The Inquisitr – “Best 10 Games and Game-Related Things at E3 2010” – inclusion in round-up

4PlayerPodcast – “Game of Show” – Co-Winner


Kotaku – “Best DS Game” – Nominee

IGN “Best DS Game” – Nominee

GamesRadar – “Reason to Live” Award

Machinima – “Best Handheld Game” – Nominee


Kotaku – “E3’s Most Amazing T-Shirt”

Kotaku – “Favorite Booth Babe”