Capcom at E3 2016

Jun 14, 2016 // Kellen Haney

E3 is just getting started for Capcom! From demos of the recently announced Resident Evil 7 and Dead Rising 4 to live Twitch streams and more, read on for what you can expect to demo and see on the show floor at the Capcom booth (South Hall, Booth #2023)!

Yesterday, we worked with Sony to bring you the terrifying world premiere of the next major game in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 7 biohazard, and a look at the new and improved Frank West in Dead Rising 4 during Microsoft’s conference, but that’s not all we have for you.

Keep an eye out for our Twitch stream , live from the E3 show floor with new content each day, with exclusive developer interviews and gameplay of Resident Evil 7, Monster Hunter Generations, and Ace Attorney, as well as a Street Fighter V showcase and Editor’s Tournament! You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news from Capcom at E3 (and in general) too. And once the day’s events have ended, for those of you with a PS4 and PS+, settle in with the Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour demo from PSN to bring the horror home.

Streaming Schedule

Tuesday, June 14

12pm to 1pm – Resident Evil 7 trailer and partial demo playthrough

1pm to 2pm – Monster Hunter Generations demo playthrough from the airship

2pm to 3pm – Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice demo playthrough with development staff

Wednesday, June 15

10am to 11am – Monster Hunter Generations demo playthrough with development staff

11am to 12pm – Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice behind the scenes stories from development staff and questions from fans

12pm to 1pm – Street Fighter V Cinematic Story mode and Ibuki exhibition matches with Peter “Combofiend” Rosas and Mike “Mike Ross” Ross

Thursday, June 16

10am to 12pm – Street Fighter V Editor’s Tournament hosted by Peter and Mike

Games and Demos (South Hall, Booth #2023)

  • Resident Evil 7biohazard (PS4, Xbox One, PC; Jan. 24, 2017) – Experience a new generation of fear with Resident Evil 7, announced yesterday at Sony’s press conference and available for the very first time at E3! Drawing from the series’ roots of atmospheric survival horror, Resident Evil 7 will deliver an unprecedented level of immersion with a first-person perspective, photorealistic graphical style, and ability to play the full game in PlayStation VR mode for PS4. Set in a derelict mansion in rural America, Resident Evil 7 promises to be one of the most terrifying titles ever. Not content to simply have a mansion in-game, we’ve gone all out with our own plantation grounds at the booth, complete with creepy corridors and a haunting exterior. Due to the nature of the demo at E3, we’ll be giving out tickets for specific times, so if you’re at the show, head over to the Capcom booth to grab a ticket early. Want to experience Resident Evil 7 from the comfort of your own home? Grab the Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour demo, live now exclusively for PS+ users on PS4.
  • Dead Rising 4(Xbox One, Windows 10; Holiday 2016) – Announced yesterday at Microsoft’s press conference, you know him, you love him, and he’s covered wars, you know – Frank is back! Sixteen years after the zombie outbreak in the original Dead Rising, Frank West returns to Willamette, Colorado, where a new outbreak has overrun the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall and surrounding town. Equipped with his wit, his camera, and a whole lot of duct tape, tear up the zombie hordes with a huge number of combo weapons and vehicles, or just tear up the landscape with all-new EXO Suits, giving Frank super strength, incredible firepower, and the ability to rip out part of the world to use as a weapon. Go ahead – combo yourself. Nobody’s looking. Oh, and keep an eye out for Frank   – I hear he’s been investigating the hordes of people at E3.
  • Monster Hunter Generations(Nintendo 3DS; July 15, 2016) – Get your paws on the latest in the aptly-named series about, well, hunting monsters! Team up with three other hunters to take down a blend of new and returning monsters in the most customizable game in the series to date.  Choose from four Hunting Styles that change the way you play, from the traditional Guild Style, to the high-flying Aerial Style, and more. Also, try out the new Hunter Arts, skills that can completely change the tide of battle and the way you use familiar weapons to hunt beasts both great and small. Multiplayer stations will be available, so look for the airship and bring some friends (or meet some new ones) to hunt ferocious monsters!
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice (Nintendo 3DS; September 2016) – The latest title in the courtroom drama series sees Phoenix Wright traveling to the Kingdom of Khura’in to meet an old friend. While being shown around, tragedy strikes and Ahlbi, Phoenix’s tour guide and young monk in training, is accused of murder! Soon finding that Khura’in employs lawyer-less courtrooms, Phoenix jumps in to do what he does best and defend Ahlbi. Using the new Séance Trial mechanic, see the last moments of the victim’s life, and find the flaw in Royal priestess Rayfa’s insights that will help Phoenix prove Albi’s innocence! Packed with clever writing, humorous dialogue, and plenty of puzzles, Spirit of Justice provides an all-new courtroom experience, with the demo being presented in a recreation of a Khura’in courtroom right at our booth!
  • Street Fighter V(PS4, PC; Full game out now, new DLC out late June 2016) – The upcoming Cinematic Story expansion, “A Shadow Falls,” will be available for play, presenting the first ever cinematic story mode in a Street Fighter game, and bridging the gap between the events of Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III (which is after IV on the timeline). Casual play for Street Fighter V will also be available throughout the day, with everyone’s favorite high-school ninja, Ibuki, playable for the first time. We’ll also have tournaments throughout each day on the eSports stage, so if you’re looking to sign up for a chance at prizes and glory, make sure you get there early!

In short, be sure to tune in to the Capcom Unity Twitch stream , and look for all the latest news on our Twitter and Facebook ! We’ll also have a recap and plenty of pictures of the event next week. In the meantime, looking for more about Dead Rising 4? Show Capcom Vancouver some love on their Twitter and Facebook too for all the latest news out of their studio!