Breath of Fire III soundtrack gets jazzed up by Materia Collective

Oct 03, 2017 // Patrick Kulikowski

The jazzy soundtrack of Breath of Fire III remains one of my favorite RPG scores out there, and the talented folks at Materia Collective just spiced things up even further with a newly released remix album !

Breath of Fire III (Remastered Tracks) is a 14-track arranged album whipped up by Materia Collective’s Sean Schafianski , who, together with performers Matthew K. Mukerjee, Marc Papeghin, Wilbert Roget, II, Felipe Salinas, Mikutan, and Tiago Rodrigues, pay homage to the delightfully fresh tunes originally composed by Capcom alumni Akari Kaida and Yoshino Aoki.

From arranger Sean Schafianski:

“This album holds a very special place in my heart, as it is one of the first PlayStation RPGs that I played as a child, and the jazzy, upbeat soundtrack stuck with me ever since. I hope that listeners will feel the same energy, joy, and nostalgia that I did while revisiting this amazing soundtrack.”

The album is now available on Bandcamp , iTunes , Spotify , and Google Play Store , so grab it and give it a whirl! It’s also worth mentioning that we released the soundtrack for Breath of Fire III as part of the Breath of Fire I ~ III Original Soundtrack Collectionon the Capcom Store just last year !

You can also relive all those tender moments with Ryu, Teepo, Rei, Nina, Momo, Peco, and Garr on-the-go, as Breath of Fire III can be purchased on PlayStation Store for your PlayStation Vita, PSTV, and PSP. Get those zenny pouches ready.

Here’s a tracklist breakdown of the album, along with streaming samples of the game’s bass-groovy battle theme and an absolutely beautiful vocal rendition of the game’s credits theme, “Pure Again”, to get you pumped:

“Fight!” (“Do Your Best!”)

“Pure Again” (“Pure Again ~ Staff Roll”)

Breath of Fire III (Remastered Tracks)

Track No.

Remixed Title

Official Title


Original Composer



“Opening the Gate”

Sean Schafianski

Akari Kaida



Sean Schafianski

Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki


“Cedar Woods”

“Falling Green”

Sean Schafianski

Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki



Sean Schafianski

Akari Kaida



“Do Your Best!”

Sean Schafianski

Akari Kaida


“These Little Things”

“What Do You Mean, ‘Half-Done?’”

Sean Schafianski, Matthew K. Mukerjee, Marc Papeghin

Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki


“To a Distant Place”

Sean Schafianski, Wilbert Roget, II

Akari Kaida


“Guild (Junk Town)

Sean Schafianski

Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki


“Everyday Battle”

“Battle for Tomorrow”

Sean Schafianski

Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki


“The Champion”

“Insane Warriors”

Sean Schafianski

Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki


“For Old Friends”

“Spoiled by Regret”

Sean Schafianski

Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki


“Conflict of Dragons”

“Dragon Asymmetry”

Sean Schafianski

Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki


“Self-Determination ~Last Battle~”

Sean Schafianski, Felipe Salinas

Akari Kaida


“Pure Again”

Sean Schafianski, Mikutan, Tiago Rodrigues

Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki