Assist of the Day #11- George Gonzalez and Nabil “Neoxon” Mehari

Jul 07, 2011 // JayCBaby

Today’s Assist of the Day features Facebook member George Gonzalez Jr. and the familiar face of Nabil Mehari aka “Neoxon.” If you’re a user of our  Facebook page , then Nabil should be no stranger to you. He’s there everyday answering your questions, as well as discussing MvC3 game mechanics and strategies. I think his new title should be the “Assist of Everyday” coach. (okay my bad…lame joke)

Anyways, let’s get on to helping George get better at MvC3! He sent us a video of him playing as his team of Super-Skrull/Taskmaster/Akuma with the hopes of getting better with that team. Check out the video below via Facebook! 


Hit the jump for Nabil’s analysis and feedback!


After watching your video, I noticed you could use work on quite a few things. My analysis is in 2 parts,
what you need in general, & a play-by-play in according to your video you posted. Let’s start with the general advice.

One of the main issues I’m seeing with your gameplay is your combos. Take Taskmaster for example. A combo I usually use for him (& much of the cast, in general) is Light, Medium, Heavy, Special, (while in the air) Medium, Medium, Heavy, Special, & use Legion Arrow, specifically the M+H+Quarter Circle Forward motion for the OTG (Off The Ground) version. To further extend the combo, use Charging Star
(“Shield Skills”) before going into the Special to start the air combo. Also, you can try to replace (or put in between the second M & H while in the air) with a Web Swing (“Spidey Swing”) to add more damage. The main L-M-H-S-M-M-S combo can easily apply to a majority of the cast, though there
are some where this doesn’t apply. As for the counter situation, your best bet is to use his counter hyper. Try timing it right by practicing it in training. The trick is to bait the attack, & enter the command ASAP to punish.

Before I go on to the rest of the team, I need to point out your assist situation. They can be your best friend, but, like I’ve said about the counters, it requires perfect timing so your foes can’t punish it. For Taskmaster, I recommend Aim Master (Horizontal). Akuma, I recommend his Tatsumaki Zankukyaku. And for Super-Skrull, any of his assist are good, but it depends on what you want to accomplish with your team with either Stone Smite (a good OTG perfect for extending combos), Tenderizer (a good combo extender, & good set-ups for Akuma & Taskmaster) or my personal favorite, Orbital Grudge would be good for him (a solid way to push a foe back). It all depends on how you want to fight.

As for your issue with teleporters, they can be a pain, but they aren’t un-beatable.  Your best bet is to try to stay in the air when they’re about to teleport, since they use it to dodge overheads. However,
look out for crossovers.

For Super-Skrull, I’d recommend the original combo I mentioned for Taskmaster (the standard one). As for Tenderizer, you can easily set it up with Skrull Torch or Inferno (which, from the video, you got down), & use Meteor Smash to set up for Inferno (be careful, each button, with the stick motion, hits in a different area for this move). You can also use his down-heavy in the air for a somewhat similar
result. As for Elastic Slam, you can easily follow it up with the Tenderizer set-up mentioned earlier.

On to Akuma. What I can recommend for him is when you’re in the air, continue the combo, but instead of using the last S, use his Multiple Fireballs or his Fireball Beam in the air for some great damage (using the meter Taskmaster would have built up for you). As the Raging Demon, use it to punish someone when they’re open, rather than just randomly, but only when you absolutely need to.


Now to get to the play-by-play:

0:08 – Right off the bat, some assists could be changed for an overall better result during matches. For Super-Skrull, unless you intend to punish foes in the air, I wouldn’t recommend his Tenderizer assist (since it’s an upward assist). Based on my personal experience with Kl’rt (Super-Skrull’s real name), I may suggest Orbital Grudge. If you want a good wall bounce, go with Stone Smite. As for Taskmaster, I can say his Aim Master (Horizontal) would be your best bet considering how useful it is. As for Akuma, his Tatsumaki Zankukyaku is your best bet. You should also re-think your character placement. Taskmaster, considering the combos he can string together many deadly combos, should be your on-point characters (plus the fact that Kl’rt & Akuma use a ton of meter for their most deadly combos)

0:57 – While Zero was jumping, that could have been a perfect time to use either Kl’rt’s Heavy Tenderizer into a hyper (Skrull Torch or Inferno, your call).

1:10 – You need to work on your basic combos. For Kl’rt, your best bet is to use L-M-H-S- (while in the air) M-M-H-S.

1:24 – You should do the combo previously stated, & then follow it up with Tenderizer into the set-up you did.

1:31 – Right when you recovered from Zero’s hit, you can do Down-H, then quickly follow it up with Inferno

1:42 – Right then, you can go in for the attack (use Web Swing, Forward-H, to cover more ground) using L-M-H-Charging Star (Shield Skills)-S- (while in the air) M-M-Web Swing-H-S. And, if you can land it fast
enough while in the air, use Legion Arrow (the Quarter Circle Forward + M + H, for the Off the Ground version, or OTG for short). It’s a damaging combo that helped me many times in the past (especially powered by X-Factor)

1:48 – Right there, you can use the other half of the combo (the “while in the air” part) to get some decent damage on Akuma

1:57- As for your counter situation, usually I activate it right when they’re gonna hit with a direct attack (not projectiles, where the counter won’t do crap other than leave you open).

2:09 – Glad that you landed that Charging Star, but for more damage, pop him in the air & use the air combo half of the combo I told you earlier. Like the other combos, it should get some decent damage on Wesker.

2:12 – Guard low, that’s where most Weskers get you right when they teleport (I learned that the hard way……..many times).

2:14 – Not much related to the situation at hand, but the stick response is really important for fighting games, especially online (where lag is for sure present). May I suggest modifying your stick with more
reliable, more responsive parts (EX: Sanwa buttons & joysticks). You can also find instructions for doing so online (there are many sites that sell nice parts). If you don’t like screwing around with your stick, you can also buy a shiny new stick (EX: MadCatz’s Tournament Edition FightSticks, Arcade-In-A-Box’s custom sticks, etc.). It may cost a lot, but it helps you out in the long run.

2:29 – Use the Down-H into Inferno set-up I told you earlier. Also, as for the assists, there are many areas in your fight where assists would have done you tons of favors. The best time to use them is right
after they use their attack (be careful with this for fireball projectiles). I gave you my recommendations for your assists in the first part, so those will help you a lot.

2:47 – Then would be the best time to guard low & call your assist. Then (if possible) follow it up with a combo (EX: the one I told you a while back). The same would apply at 2:54.

3:26 – Since Wesker is teleporting in the air, use this to your advantage. Prepare for when he lands by setting up a combo or just dropping an energy beam hyper for when he lands.

3:31 – Instead of that move, try hitting low combo then popping Wesker in the air for an air combo (but instead of S at the end, do his energy beam hyper). For example, low L, low M, low H, S, then the air combo. The same would apply for 3:39.

3:52 – Try jumping & doing Down-M, then follow it up with a combo into an air combo (which, in this case, would probably kill Zero).

Overall, just work on your A-B-C combos, your assists, managing the order of your team, & your set-ups, & you’ll be well on your way. And remember, don’t give up, keep hitting up Training or fighting
with your friends to improve your skills (or you could fight me online, just hit me up on Facebook or Capcom-Unity). Happy gaming, & remember, IT’S MAHVEL, BAYBEE!

– Nabil, Neoxon


I hope that was helpful George! If you’ve got any questions, you can just post on the MvC3 Facebook page and Nabil will come to the rescue. Once you’ve worked on your game a little, we’d love to see another video of your new and improved skills!

What do the rest of you guys think of the feedback? Hit up the comment box if you’ve got anything to add!


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