Announcing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS with a super informative trailer

Jun 05, 2014 // Yuri Araujo

Get in touch with your old-school hunter in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS !

Did you know Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is turning 5 years old this year? And what a phenomenal game that was. It was the first to introduce an AI controlled Felyne partner to make the single-player quests a little more manageable, for example. It was also one of the biggest hits in Japan!

Proving the point that it was (is!) such a great game, you can check our streaming archives and see that we were having a blast hunting monsters in MHFU a couple of weeks ago. And now, we’re bringing that experience to the iPhone, iPad and iPod with crisp HD graphics and built-in online multiplayer over wi-fi connections! On top of that, we’re also providing MFi controller support!

Check out the trailer that explains EVERYTHING:

And here are some HD screens too…

See how big and crisp everything looks? You’ll be able to get this game in just a little while, and it will be a great title to keep you busy until MH4U gets here. Also keep an eye on our E3 live stream schedule to catch some live gameplay of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS next week!