An Introduction to the USFIV Omega Edition Characters: Part V

Nov 21, 2014 // ComboFiend

Hey guys, Ayano-san is back yet again with more Omega Mode information. Check out the new stuff that’s been given to the SFIII fighters. 

Hey everyone, Tomoaki Ayano here!

Man, this year is just flying by! We’re already more than halfway through November, and Christmas decorations are going up all over town. What I’d really like from Santa this year is some time off to properly kick back and relax…

But until then, let’s keep the ball rolling with part five of the Ultra SFIV Omega Edition introductions. The SFIII crew is on the chopping block for this week, which means we’ll be covering Ibuki, Dudley, Makoto, Yun, Yang, Hugo, and Elena. Let’s see what’s in store for them in Omega Edition!


Kagenui: Throw a kunai at your opponent’s feet to stop them in their tracks.

Since Ibuki is a character that specializes in attacking on the ground using her command normal and target combos, I feel that Kagenui will give her another viable option for her ground-based attack game.

The EX version of Kagenui uses two bars of super meter and turns into Yami Shigure!

This was a major part of Ibuki’s 3 rd Strike arsenal, and it’s finally making a return in Omega Edition!

Ibuki has also received sweeping changes to her command normals, regular moves, and special moves, and her target combos have been changed up too.

My inspiration: More bang for your buck!



Sway: We’ve changed Dudley’s Short Swing Blow into a follow-up move, and in return we’re giving him Sway and Sway Back. Sway is done with the light attack. He has upper-body invincibility while he’s posing.

The medium and fierce versions will give him Sway Back. It’s a much bigger Sway with throw invincibility! Press a punch button during Sway for a new move, Cutting Upper, or press punch during Sway Back for Short Swing Blow.

Pressing a kick button during Sway or Sway Back will give you Step In. It has projectile invincibility and is better than Ducking for really getting in there.

It’s not easy to tell from looking at the pictures, but we really wanted to emphasize Dudley’s boxing skills in Omega Edition, so we’ve added feint moves, which I think will make him more fun to play.

My inspiration: A very technical heavyweight champion!



In Omega Edition, we really wanted Tanden Renki to be used more offensively, so Makoto can now do it with two or more bars of super meter! The startup time and duration will change depending on how much meter she has when she activates it.

While active, all of her special moves (with the exception of Karakusa) will be modified for offensive use, and even her basic movements will change!

Performing a Focus Attack during Tanden Renki will give her the Kumoharai, armor that protects her from damage and eliminates block and hit stun when receiving an attack. It’s a parry-like move similar to Ryu’s Hanagashi.

Isana: Makoto steps in and delivers a powerful headbutt. It doesn’t have a lot of reach but it can be used in combos. It breaks armor and is faster than Oroshi, so it should be useful for keeping your opponent in check.

For Omega, we wanted to make Makoto into a character who unleashes her true potential once she’s in Tanden Renki, like Hakan does when he’s oiled up. Her new offensive moves mean that she can be really scary once she starts to put the pressure on! Omega Makoto is one character that won’t be afraid of getting all up in her opponent’s business!

My inspiration: This homegirl is so angry, she’s turned beet-red.



Shukuchi Rimon Chochu: Press F, F, Punch for this unique quick elbow strike.

Although the commands make this move look like a command normal, it’s actually a special move and can be canceled into accordingly. This move works well with Yun’s Genei Jin super, and it should be fun integrating it into his combos.

During the EX version, press two punch buttons after it hits for Renkan Shoko.

It uses an extra bar of meter, but it’ll launch the opponent, leaving you set up to perform some prime follow-up attacks.

I feel like this move might become the basis of Yun’s combos and offense. His existing moves have changed as well, so you’ll have new ways to play whether you’re on the ground or in the air.

My inspiration: A freestyle kung fu artist!


Rengeki Tourouha

EX Tourouzan uses two bars of meter and on hit becomes a powerful multi-hit striking move! It deals a lot of damage and can be comboed into, making this a move you’ll definitely want to use.

Honshin: A counter move. The attack changes based on the strength of the button pressed, and the EX version also has another variation. If you get a good read on your opponent’s attack patterns, you can use this move to turn the tables in an instant! It feels great to make a good read and get a solid counter-attack in, don’t you think?

My inspiration: Yang reading his opponent’s every move!



Victory Column: We weren’t quite sure what we wanted to do with Hugo in Omega. So the first step, naturally, was to give him a Shoryuken. The EX version is completely invincible.

This can be FADC’ed into his Ultra 2!

Time for a royal smackdown!

Diamond Body: A counter move with armor properties, similar to a parry. Like Ryu’s Hanagashi, it eliminates any hit or block stun, and Hugo will be able to perform moves afterwards with additional inputs.

Hugo’s huge body makes it difficult for him to put up much of a defense if his opponent goes into rushdown mode, so in Omega we wanted to expand his defensive options so that he can be menacing even while standing still.

My inspiration: A titan hovering above us.



Sylph Amulet: A super combo that calls upon the power of nature!

The power of wind draws the opponent in…

…and an explosion of force sends them flying! It doesn’t do a lot of damage but it’s completely invincible, so it’s sure to be useful in close-range battles. There’s something else to this move…but I think I’ll let you figure out what that is on your own.

Giraffe Neck: Elena goes into a handstand and performs a downward-angled kick with both feet.

Elena’s specialty is mid-hitting attacks, and this is a move that’s very difficult to get a good read on. A good fit for Elena, I’d say.

Omega Elena is good at getting past the opponent’s defenses using mid and low attacks. We’ve also adjusted her existing moves to give her more flavor. We really like the balance job we’ve done with our energetic, stretchy friend!

My inspiration: Godlike feet.

That will wrap things up for the SFIII cast. I’m sure the parry-like moves caught your attention, didn’t they? We feel like we’ve created these characters using the best parts from SFIV and SFIII. I think this is a great chance for SFIII players who have yet to get into SFIV to finally give it a chance!

Next week we’ll be covering Hakan, Juri, Evil Ryu, Oni, and Poison. The theme? Um, new…er Challengers? Second Wave of Newcomers? The New New Kids on the Block? Something like that!

See you next time!