A Dangerous Dozen of New Premium Costumes available December 5 for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite!

Nov 30, 2017 // Andy Wong

The next batch of Premium Costumes for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite will be available on December 5 along with new characters Venom, Winter Soldier, and Black Widow! You can purchase the costumes in two different themed packs: Cosmic Crusaders and Stone Seekers. Gather intel by seeing these new Premium Costumes in action in the gameplay trailers below!

Cosmic Crusaders Costume Pack – Fighting evil across the universe isn’t an easy task, but these characters have the guts, power, and determination to win. Contains Premium Costumes for Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Nova, X, Zero, and Strider.

Rocket Raccoon (Rocket Space Suit Costume) – When you’re saving the universe week in and week out, it pays to have at least one reliable space suit handy.

Gamora (Gamora Classic Costume) – Before she donned her combat armor, Gamora wore this outfit as she cemented her reputation as the most dangerous woman in the galaxy wearing this outfit.

Nova (Nova Prime Costume) – After absorbing the Worldmind and the collective strength of the Nova Corps, Richard Rider became the nearly invincible Nova Prime.

X (Special X Costume) – Previously seen only as concept art, this unique armor design makes its gameplay debut in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite !

Zero (Special Zero Costume) – Like X’s custom armor costume, Zero’s sleek redesign makes its gameplay debut in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite !

Strider (Strider Hien Costume) – Strider Hien was once an ally to Hiryu, but after Hien’s betrayal and resurrection of Grandmaster Meio, the two Striders became bitter enemies. This costume imagines Hiryu donning Hien’s iconic outfit.

Stone Seekers Costume Pack – These characters will stop at nothing to secure the all-powerful Infinity Stones. Contains Premium Costumes for Ultron, Thanos, Spider-Man, Frank West, Haggar, and Jedah.

Ultron (Ultron Conquest Costume) – If you thought Ultron merging with Sigma was bad news, wait until you see him fused into a techno-organic alien body.

Thanos (Thanos Annihilation Costume) – Thanos was out of action for quite some time, but when the Annihilation Wave triggered his return, he wore these noble robes to signify his spiritual awakening.

Spider-Man (Superior Spider-Man Costume) – Doctor Octopus thought he could be a Superior Spider-Man with extra arms and aggressive tech, but Peter Parker knows it’s the man under the mask that makes the difference.

Frank West (Proto Man Costume) – In Frank’s world, this was just a fun Proto Man costume he wore for a few laughs. Wonder what X and Zero think about this…

Haggar (Metro City Mayor Costume) – It’s tough to find dress shirts in this size! Mayor Mike Haggar must have a pretty good tailor on speed dial…

Jedah (Makai Messiah Costume) – Jedah’s signature scythe attacks influenced an all-new metallic design that reimagines him as a true harbinger of death…and in his eyes, rebirth.

There are three ways to purchase these Premium Costumes:

  • Individually for $3.99.
  • In a themed pack like the Cosmic Crusaders Costume Pack and the Stone Seekers Costume Pack for $11.99 per pack.
  • All 12 are included in the Premium Costume Pass, which is available for $29.99. This pass also comes with the 18 Premium Costumes we previously released.

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