Capcom E3 Mystery Title #2: Resident Evil PSP

Jun 08, 2009 // Kramez

Blink and you might have missed it, but Jack Tretton, head of PlayStation in the US (and crack hockey player, to boot) dropped the b0mbz0rz on Capcom E3 Mystery Title #2 on stage during the Sony E3 press conference. Whadda we got for you in terms of info? At this point, very little. The game is some ways off, so don’t be expecting this one to come home with you when you upgrade to the PSP Go in the fall. I can tell you that Capcom is working very closely with Sony on this title, as it’s something that both companies have wanted on the PSP for quite some time. It’s not a “remake” of a previous RE game, but an all-new title created specifically for the PSP platform, with the PSP Go in mind. I’ve managed to sneak a look at a very early game design document for this title and all I am allowed to say is: Wow. Totally different for a Resident Evil game. More in the future, promise!