Street Fighter IV: coming home Feb. 17 (N. America) and Feb. 20 (Europe)

Nov 14, 2008 // Kramez

Good news, everyone! We’re pleased to announce that all of y’all in North America will be able to get your paws on Street Fighter IV starting Tuesday, February 17, while those of you from the Olde Worlde will be able to get in the ring on February 20! Capcom will be shipping the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions simultaneously, so regardless of your platform of preference, you’ll be pounding faces and Focusing through fireballs day one.

Make sure to grab Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix when it (finally!) releases and start brushing up those fighting skills. For peace of mind, I’d also suggest pre-ordering the game so you’re not left out in the cold, alone and friendless, while all the other cool kids are tearing it up with the World Warriors.