Resident Evil full sleeve tat

Sep 10, 2008 // Kramez

I’ve always been impressed by tru fans who go the distance and forever brand themselves with a depiction of something that they love at a particular moment in time. Hopefully, 20 years later, they still love that thing, ’cause lasers hurt way more than needles and Cool Back Tat Remover has yet to be invented (although 49% of San Diego would, at some point will need to, buy that product in a heartbeat). My Google News reader recently picked up a posting from tattooed Texan Vogue, who uploaded a pic of her bf (best friend? boy friend? brilliant FARKer?) and his so-new-it’s-still-bleeding Resident Evil tattoo on RateMyInk , which is a site I am now planning on spending more time on. Clearly, Vogue’s bf is a hardcore fan, as this art comes from the Japanese boxart for Resident Evil: Deadly Silence , the 2006 DS remake of RE1. Man, I gotta get a copy of this game!