SF HD Remix Open Beta patch is up today!!!

Aug 07, 2008 // JimmyRey

(Before you say anything, the band-aid is not part of the actual portrait)

Some great news guys, the patch for open beta will be going up early tomorrow morning at 2 am PST.  I know, I know.  Why tell you when it’s not up, but I’m not going to be up at 2 in the morning and I want you guys to hear it from us first.  So whether you’re a night owl or do it first thing when you get up tomorrow, make sure you download the patch!  All you have to do is fire up the open beta and it should update automatically.

There have been many fixes, but the ones I want to point out are:

 Ken’s shoryuken shenanigan’s are fixed.

The title no longer crashes when joining games.  So all online functions should work normally, including quick match and custom match.

Netcode optimizations have been made.  Overall, the online experience should be about 50% better.  While we can’t do anything about high ping times, we’ve optimized the gameplay experience so that it’s less noticeable and smoother.  For example, playing someone with a ping time of 200 with the patch, should feel something like playing someone with a ping time of 100 before the patch.  If you want to see the gameplay without the “smoothing” just

enter the following code to disable it.

Hold the Left Trigger, Right Trigger, RB, LB and while holding down the buttons, hit start.  You should hear an audbile tone.

For more information on the “smoothing” we’ve 

added,  check Gary’s latest post. 

Let us know what you think and which you prefer!  There are still a few more optimizations that were working on it, but I think the difference is like night and day.

For more detail on the rest of the patch fixes, be sure to check out

Will’s blog post on it.  

Edit….just wanted to add that I know you guys want more characters for

the beta, but unfortunately, it technically

not possible for the patch.  Sorry guys…I would’ve loved to add another

character or two.