Super Street Fighter IV Costume Pack Release Dates Get Moved Up

Nov 05, 2010 // jgonzo

Super Street Fighter IV producer Ono-san wanted us to pass along the following message regarding SSFIV costume packs:

Since many fans want to play SSFIV with the new costumes ASAP, we at Capcom have decided to move up some of the release dates for these new costume packs! We’ll provide more detailed information closer to each pack’s launch, so stay tuned!

Hit the jump to see the full release dates for the costume packs! They are set to go live the same day on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. And remember, you can download the FREE catalogue packs the same day the regular packs are released to see these new costumes on your opponents, even if you didn’t purchase the costumes yourself. 

+ SSFIV Ultra Femme Fatale Pack = 11/16

+ SSFIV Ultra Challengers 2 Pack = 12/7 

+ SSFIV Ultra Brawler Pack = 12/21 

+ SSFIV Ultra Shadaloo Pack = 1/11 

+ SSFIV Ultra Classic Pack = 1/25