Frank’s Files: Chuck Greene

Aug 24, 2016 // Jeffery Simspon

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Dead Rising franchise , and the release of Dead Rising , Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record on PS4, Xbox one and Steam we are taking a look at some of the characters who play a major role in the early games in the Dead Rising series with “Frank’s Files”.

This week we look at Dead Rising 2 ‘s hero Chuck Greene.

  • Name: Chuck Greene
  • Job: Former Motorcross Champion
  • First Appearance: Dead Rising 2  (2010)
  • Appears In: Dead Rising 2  (2010), Dead Rising 2: Case West (2010), Dead Rising 2: Case Zero (2010), Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (2011), Dead Rising 3 (2013)
  • Abilities: As a former motorcross champion Chuck Greene is an expert on a motorbike. Having to keep his ride working on his own he’s also mechanically inclined, using duct tape and ingenuity to keep his bike competition ready. It’s this skill with tools that allows him to create Combo Weapons, powerful new zombie slaying tools crafted from everyday items. As an athlete he is also in good physical shape. His devotion to keeping his daughter Katey safe provides him with the determination to face any challenege.

Greene’s backstory is the most tragic of all the Dead Rising heroes. Bringing his wife and their daughter Katey to Las Vegas for a motorcross race despite reports of a nearby zombie outbreak, Greene’s family was torn apart. The Las Vegas outbreak was horrific, and Greene lost his wife and barely managed to escape the horde with Katey. Now bitten Katey requires a regular dosage of Zombrex to stay alive.

To secure that Zombrex Chuck Greene has entered the Terror Is Reality contest in Fortune City, hoping to win enough prize money to keep his daugther supplied with the drug for years. However despite his skill on a bike Chuck may have more to worry about than just winning.

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