Assist of the day #3- NerdJosh

Jun 03, 2011 // JayCBaby

Hey guys. Today we have our 3rd session of in-depth coaching and tips for the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 community. Our lucky community member is Jorge Pupo playing as Zero/Tron/Phoenix. We had Team Spooky NerdJosh give us a breakdown of the match, and how Jorge can improve his game significantly.

Watch Jorge’s video here:  

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“*At the start of the round push forward to your opponent; grabs are faster than everything and you can call assist and force them to tech especially with gustav fire… H+assist 1. This can be risky if they know the startup but you can train an opponent to fear your startup.


*On the zero combo you know you dropped it but you also started a good reset opportunity to restart damage. By jumping and going for the air grab if the opponent is not ready you capitalize with a full combo from otg dive + tron gustav fire assist.


*When you drop your tron combo do not try to use standing b just try a forward B attack as early as possible. This will save you a lot of headaches! 🙂


*In the begining runaway magneto em disruptors and hits you, maybe you are attempting to charge for shot.. try to charge while in block stun then move in when fighting magneto you have to play as a moving wall. His close normals arnt fast but his high/low game is so be ready to capitalize.


*Your opponent has no strong invincible assist so its ok to just jump in and wait, at worst you will have to look for a tech hit but to gain ground its good to get closer on your opponent remember you always have tron bonne to cover you when going in especially if hes only using projectiles assists.


*Against Chris you had a good idea but if you try to think like your opponent you will see all he is doing is super jumping back and shooting. Using the last bullet note, by just super jumping in and inching the corner away you will make him corner himself eventually. Most opponents will get reckless here and it will be a good opportunity to apply pressure especially with your tron assist!


*when fighting task his goal is do to enough chip till he opens you up but he keeps using backH to open you up, if you punish as late as possible with a 5a so he can’t cancel to launcher or wait till he can cancel to launcher both are unsafe on block guaranteeing you a punish.


*Tron tidbit if you do you get your combo down into the corner into beam gun-> king kobun super you can dhc it early so kobun never comes out and start the dhc glitch into zero clone super to get a guaranteed combo into whatever you want! Does good damage and builds good meter.


*For the concern of relying on dark phoenix thats fine, you shouldn’t listen to haters or doubt yourself but for the concern of limiting your team in terms of meter use exchange combos to get her in with 5 meters, she can still hold her own if you exchange combo her in. You don’t need to land a down exchange just to get another meter as she will build some more coming in. If you can force her into dark then switch her out you can rely on the meter as if you were playing a regular a match. 


Hope this info helped if you have any more questions don’t be afraid to ask!”


What do you guys think? What was NerdJosh’s most useful advice? Did you guys see anything else that Jorge can work on?


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