SFV: Alex and In-Game Shop Available Today

Mar 30, 2016 // haunts

What’s up World Warriors!

Hope you all have been enjoying 8-player lobbies, the rematch option and all the other cool features included in Monday’s patch! As promised, we have another content drop today that includes everyone’s favorite Power Bombin’, Flash Choppin’ street grappler Alex! The Fight Money In-Game Shop also launches today which will allow you to purchase Story Mode costumes and other items as well. Hit the jump for more details.

The In-Game Shop for earned currency (aka Fight Money) will let you spend your hard earned Fight Money to purchase extra game content, such as new characters (100,000 FM each) and Story Mode Costumes (40,000 FM each). Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Juri, and Urien will be releasing later this year and each will have a Story Mode costume available for purchase using Fight Money. Keep an eye out though because that’s just the beginning as we’ll have details on additional items in the future!

Check out more screenshots of Alex at our Facebook Page.

Since the In-Game Shop for real currency (aka Zenny) is not available just yet, we’re offering Alex as a free trial period to all players, until the Zenny shop launches. This also applies to any future DLC character that releases prior to the Zenny shop launching. Once the Zenny shop launches, the free trial for DLC characters that released prior to the Zenny shop opening will end, and you’ll need to use Fight Money, Zenny, or the Season Pass to access those characters.

That about does it for today! For more details on Alex and the March update check this post .