More School Costumes heading to Street Fighter V June 27th

Jun 22, 2017 // Harrison Young

On June 27th, the School range of Street Fighter V costumes will be expanded to include R. Mika, Nash and Ibuki. These three students of the game will join Chun-Li, Ryu and Juri in the street fighting school of hard reads and learned blocks. Hit the jump to check out the new costumes!

Letting her hair hang low with thick specs, friendship bracelets and sensible shoes, R. Mika takes a leaf out of the traditional sailor-style school uniform that can be seen in Japan. Here’s hoping that Nadeshiko still recognizes her during recess.

Going for a white gakuran uniform that’s reminiscent of Kyosuke Kagami (shout-outs to Rival Schools!), Nash looks just as ready to hit the books as he does a crush counter. He also sports a hall-monitor sash that shouts, “skip class at your peril, punk.”

Rounding out this academic trio is Ibuki in her traditional fuka school uniform. These threads aren’t as rugged as her ninja dogi but we have it on good authority that the bomb capacity is just as generous. That red scarf also pays respectful homage to her fellow Capcom ninja, Strider Hiryu.

Stay ahead of the grading curve by picking these costumes up for $3.99 each at the end of the month.

If you’re looking to checkout the previously introduced school costumes, check out our blog post !

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