Introducing Exclusive Capcom Pro Tour Content for SFV!

Jul 15, 2016 // Harrison Young

Hey everyone! As you may have heard from our panel earlier today at EVO, we’re happy to announce a new line of Capcom Pro Tour themed content that is available now for Street Fighter V players to enjoy.  

We believe our fans should have a way to show their love for the Capcom Pro Tour and all the players in the league.  We feel this is great way for players to support the Capcom Pro Tour, and also watch it grow, as the prize pool for Capcom Cup 2016 will increase based on the content download numbers. While the Capcom Pro Tour has seen incredible growth over the past few years, we feel this is just the beginning and there is a ton of opportunity for both Capcom and the community to elevate the Street Fighter scene to new heights.

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Before we get into the upcoming content, we’d also like to announce that PlayStation 4 is now the presenting sponsor of the Capcom Pro Tour! Sony has been a great partner to the fighting game community for years now and we are really excited to work with them to continue to grow the scene.

We have multiple ways for fans to get involved, with the first being a set of “Capcom Cup Collection“ costumes for both Cammy and Chun-Li! These are elegant outfits for both characters that match the prestige of competing under the bright lights of the Capcom Pro Tour.

Capcom Pro Tour Costumes

Chun-Li – Capcom Cup Collection – $5.99/€5.99

Cammy – Capcom Cup Collection – $5.99/€5.99

We also have one more mystery costume that we will be revealing later in the year. This costume is very special and we think fans will be really excited about what this means for Capcom Cup 2016 once we officially unveil it. Stay tuned!

Capcom Pro Tour Stage

Next up we have the brand new Capcom Pro Tour themed stage, “Ring of Destiny!” Not only will this make you feel like you’re competing at one of the biggest events of the year, but you will also see it update throughout the season with new banners and images to celebrate major events on the Capcom Pro Tour such as EVO and Capcom Cup. The EVO variation of this stage is available now to celebrate this weekend!

Ring of Destiny – Official Capcom Pro Tour Stage – $9.99/€9.99

Capcom Pro Tour Bundle

As part of our new partnership with Sony, we’ve worked with them to put together a special Capcom Pro Tour DLC bundle. For those of you who love all of this content and want an extra awesome deal, we have the Capcom Pro Tour Premier Package! This bundle not only includes the three costumes and stage, but also an exclusive CPT themed color for all 22 characters, in addition to 2 exclusive titles! 

Capcom Pro Tour Premier Package – $24.99/€24.99

3 costumes

–          Chun-Li Capcom Cup Collection

–          Cammy Capcom Cup Collection

–          Mystery Costume

1 Stage

–          Ring of Destiny

1 exclusive CPT themed color option for all 22 characters

–          1 new color for each of the 16 launch characters, and 6 DLC characters.

2 Exclusive Titles

–          “Capcom Cup 2016”

–          “Capcom Pro Tour 2016”

As mentioned previously, except for the mystery costume, this Capcom Pro Tour themed content for Street Fighter V is available now for PS4 and PC players. This special content will only be available for a limited time and will be removed near the end of November and prior to the Capcom Cup. We will keep the community and our supporters posted regarding what improvements this means for the Capcom Pro Tour and the Capcom Cup.

Once again, thank you for supporting Street Fighter V and the Capcom Pro Tour! We’re really excited for what the future holds and can’t wait to build the next era of the Capcom Pro Tour with the community directly!