New SFV Costumes and Stages

Jun 22, 2016 // Harrison Young

What’s up World Warriors! In addition to Ibuki and the cinematic Story Mode titled “A Shadow Falls,” we have a ton of other exciting content lined up for the Street Fighter V June update, including new costumes and stages that we wanted to share with you today. 

Hit the jump for the full rundown.

All character’s Battle Costumes will become available and purchasable via the PlayStation Store and Steam next week, when the update releases. In the meantime, you can check out screenshots of all these new outfits below!

Next up, we have a handful of new stage variations!

As a reminder, the pricing for SFV DLC content is as follows:

                                                                     Fight Money        Real Currency

New Characters


 $  5.99 / € 5.99  

New Stages


 $  3.99 / € 3.99  

Alternate Stages


 $  1.99 / € 1.99  

Story Costumes


 $  1.99 / € 1.99  

Premium Costumes


 $  3.99 / € 3.99  

That’s it for today, but we still have a few more surprises up for sleeve for the June update so stay tuned! In the meantime, for the latest updates follow us on Twitter at @StreetFighter.