Dungeons and Dragons Class Rollout – Elf

May 08, 2013 // GregaMan

The Elf may look young and spry, but did you know they live for multiple centuries? The playable Elf in the Chronicles of Mystara is somewhere in the ballpark of 100 years old.

Nevertheless, the Elf is one of the most agile vocations in the game, with lots of swift sword moves and acrobatics at her disposal. She also commands a variety of arcane magic spells such as Magic Missile, Invisibility, Lightning Bolt, and the delightful Polymorph Others, which turns enemies into adorable little woodland creatures.

The trade-off is a character with relatively low health, strength, and constitution. But the enemy won’t even notice when you’re unleashing Skydiving Stabs to their craws and conjuring Earth Golems to do your bidding. Hit the jump to see her in action!

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara is due out this June on PSN, Xbox LIVE, Wii U e-Shop, and PC for $14.99. Stay tuned into Unity every week for more info!

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