Dungeons and Dragons Class Rollout – Fighter

Apr 10, 2013 // GregaMan

Beat-‘em-up fans, it’s time to starting prepping yourselves emotionally for the impending June release of Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara (PSN, XBL, Wii U e-shop, PC). To help get you in the mood, we’re kicking off a class rollout, to get you acquainted with each of the uniquely cool character classes in these two games.  Hit the jump for info and gameplay footage for our first class – the Fighter.

When it comes to high fantasy, some character classes have vague names like “Elf” that’ll have you wondering at first what they actually do. Some elves craft presents, others bake cookies. Others, still, provide cyber enhancements to Zero in Mega Man Zero .

Well, Fighters don’t have that problem. Fighters fight, and there ain’t no ambiguity about it. If you’re looking for fast action, this is the class for you. Fighters wield a longsword and a short temper, making them a choice class for those looking to get out some quick aggression.

The trade-off is that they are completely unable to use magic spells, and must rely solely on their fighting prowess. Still, their skill with the longsword gives them some of the longest-ranged melee of all of the character classes, and Fighters will enjoy a healthy balance between physical strength and dexterity. Additionally, Fighters are capable of wielding a variety of disposable melee weapons found throughout both games. In Shadow Over Mystara, they can even dual-wield swords if you find a second one on the battlefield.

With relatively safe, quick, and powerful melee attacks, Fighters could safely be dubbed the “no nonsense” class—a great starting class for beginners!

Stay tuned to Unity in the coming weeks, as we will be posting new content about D&D: CoM every week leading up to launch!