SFxT Roll Call – Sakura, Blanka, Bryan, Jack-X

Jul 28, 2012 // GregaMan

Time for more SFxT character rollouts with Producer Ayano and Director Okada. Enjoy!

Hello again everyone, Tomoaki Ayano here!

The new characters and balance update are set for release next week. We’re looking at this as a fresh start for SFXTK, and hope that everyone can have fun with all of the updates we’re planning. I’m dying to play against everyone, so just hang on for a little bit until the official release next week!

Once again, I’m turning things over to director Okada to talk about the new characters. 


Okada here again! Let’s talk about some of the new characters. 


Sakura brings with her a boatload of combo power, and she also excels at close range combat.

Sakura advances forward and then leaps into the air with an uppercut when she performs Shouoken. 

This is a fast move with good range, and can be canceled into from a variety of different attacks. If you connect with the LP and MP versions of the move while at the edge of the screen, after you land you’re free to add in a follow-up attack.

Shunpukyaku is a special move where Sakura jumps in a forward arc while spinning and kicking at the same time. 

The MK and HK versions will blow back the enemy on hit, while the LK version will allow you to link into your fastest move after it connects. The EX version of the attack sends the opponent flying into the air, making follow-up attacks possible.

Sakura Otoshi is a special move where Sakura does a great, big leap forward into the air and smacks her opponents from above with a double fisted attack.

If the opponent is on the ground, they’ll take bound damage, but if they’re in the air, they can be hit up to 3 times.

Since there’s a lot of recovery on the move if you land on the ground without attacking, make sure to use it in a combo or in a situation where the opponent can’t escape. The EX version of Sakura Otoshi reaches to the edge of the screen and has homing properties, making it a good move to use against projectile characters.

Pressing forward and MK will unleash Sakura’s Flower Kick, which can’t be blocked low. This attack moves Sakura forward, making it a good attack to use when your opponent is on the defensive, even at a distance.

Sakura’s crouching HP comes out quickly and can be linked into from her weak attacks as well as her LK Shunpukyaku. It also has a very good vertical hitbox, making it your most important anti-air attack. 


With quick speed that allows him to hit and run with ease, Blanka is a formidable fighter. 

Blanka is engulfed with electricity when he performs Electric Thunder. 

The attack comes out fast, and the hitbox covers his entire upper body, allowing it to beat out many of his opponents’ attacks. However, it loses to fighters aiming to attack him with low attacks, so be careful how you use it. 

Blanka’s trademark Rolling Attack sends him flying towards his opponent. If it connects, the opponent is knocked down to the ground, but Blanka is open to a big counterattack if it’s blocked. The EX version is invulnerable to projectiles, and produces a wall bounce to boot.

A variation of Rolling Attack, Blanka rolls diagonally upwards when he performs Vertical Roll. On startup, the EX version of the move is fully invincible.

Blanka’s standing HK launches the opponent into the air for follow-up possibilities. 

When Blanka’s diagonal jumping HP hits an airborne opponent on counterhit, they’ll take bound damage, giving Blanka the opportunity to tack on additional attacks. 


Bryan is a high octane character with a lot of rushing special moves that help him track down an opponent.

Bryan rushes in with Mach Breaker, a simple straight punch rush. The EX version has super armor properties, and on hit produces a wall bound.

Fisherman’s Slam unleashes a gigantic uppercut.

When the MP and HP versions hit an opponent, you can add a follow-up attack, called Atomic Throw. That move can also be followed up with an attack of your choosing.

The EX version of the move is invulnerable to throws on startup, which makes it an excellent attack to use as an interrupt.

Flying Knee, as the name implies, is a jumping knee attack to the opponent’s head. This move is fast, has good reach, and is invulnerable to projectiles while airborne, making it an excellent pressure tool against projectile characters. It also has the peculiar property of being unblockable when used outside of combos.

It’s a powerful move, but it doesn’t connect on crouching opponents at all and can leave Bryan open, so players will need to properly plan when they’re going to use this move so they don’t get baited.

Chopping Elbow is Bryan’s overhead attack, and can be performed by pressing forward and MP. On hit, you can link into your fastest attack for a combo.

When Bryan’s jumping HP hits an airborne opponent, they’ll take bound damage, giving players an opportunity to start a combo. 


Jack-X uses his power and reach to overwhelm his opponents. 

Rocket Uppercut unleashes a diagonal uppercut. While all three versions of the attack can snuff out projectiles, they also have their own individual properties; the LP version has no invincibility but sends an opponent sky high for a follow-up combo, while the MP version is invulnerable to all attacks except for throws. The HP version has full invulnerability.

Jack-X rushes forward with Atomic Shoulder Tackle. Each version of the attack makes Jack-X travel a certain distance, and the HP version comes equipped with super armor. 

The EX version has super armor, and also deals wall bound damage!

Jack-X moves slightly forward and unleashes a crushing attack with Gigaton Punch.

Despite its simplicity, it outreaches many other attacks in the game, making it a fantastic move to counter your opponent’s footsie games.

You can float in the air for a period of time with Jack-X by pressing up while in mid-jump. While this is not an attack, it does have super armor properties. 

While floating in the air, you can press down to use Pancake Press. This move sends Jack-X crashing down on an opponent. With good timing, this move will actually float the opponent, opening them up for a combo.

Jack’s overhead is called Granite Stomping, and can be performed by pressing forward and LK. 

Over the past four weeks we’ve detailed the new characters and some of the balance tweaks we’ve made to the game. What do you think? We hope that all of our fans can have a lot of fun no matter what character they’re using. Thanks for your continued support with SFXTK!

That’s it for today, check back next time for more information!