Announcing the Capcom Digital Collection

Dec 14, 2011 // GregaMan

Oh, the digits, friends!

Digital platforms are the new frontier, and a thriving one at that, in no small part thanks to Capcom’s own excellent contributions.  But if the digital download ain’t your thang, now you can get a whole bunch of ’em on one beefy, fun-filled disc for Xbox 360!

The Capcom Digital Collection, out in Spring of 2012, will include eight titles at a budget price point of $39.99. Titles included are: 

Super Street Fighter ® II Turbo HD Remix

Final Fight : Double Impact

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

1942: Joint Strike

Bionic Commando® Rearmed 2


Rocketmen : Axis of Evil including Rocketmen : It Came From Uranus expansion

Wolf of the Battlefield’: Commando 3. 

Check here for full press release and descriptions of each title. Tons of screens following the jump.

Note: Some games not pictured.