The Disney Afternoon Collection Gallery Spotlight: Museum

Apr 13, 2017 // Yuri Araujo

Let’s take another look back into the past with a closer look at some of the materials featured in our Museum section of the Gallery mode. This time, it’s all about the original packaging art.

Original materials from the late 80s and early 90s era of gaming are oftentimes really hard to find. Much like my 90s bedroom, archiving and organizing material in the industry just wasn’t super clean back then, so we worked closely with the experts at Digital Eclipse to find some great materials for this section of the game’s gallery.

Similarly to the Pencil to Pixel sketches we recently showed you, there’s a certain charm to seeing rough and sometimes raw pieces of art. In this case, we actually got high resolution scans of each game’s original box art. For today’s blog, let’s focus on the very first game release: DuckTales (1989).

The header image this time is actually a scan of the limited edition golden cartridge for the 2013 release, just to show you that we’ve tried to include several different versions of these games’ pack art.

Collectors will remember this one: the iconic purple box frame… the white Capcom logo on a red background… the Captain Commando signature… wait, what?

And here’s the Japanese version counterpart, which came out the following year. The artwork itself is almost the same, with the only change being the saturation of the colors. The rest is completely different: different box size, color, back of box layout, no Captain Commando.

Pretty interesting stuff, if you ask me. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

And remember to pick up The Disney Afternoon Collection on April 18 to see these pieces as well as scans of the packaging artwork for all 6 games.