Monster Hunter Generations – January Free DLC pack

Jan 06, 2017 // Yuri Araujo

Happy 2017, hunters! Here to welcome you to the New Year is the latest pack of Free DLC, bringing us plenty of challenges that will test even the most seasoned hunters.

This is it for DLC for Monster Hunter Generations. We hope you’ve enjoyed all these additions to an already massive game. Following the game’s release last July, we’ve brought you over 90 new bonus quests, over 40 new weapons, over 15 complete armor sets and over 30 equipment sets for your Felynes. And it was all free!

If you’ve just picked up Monster Hunter Generations over the holidays, know that you can still download all the previously released DLC (there’s also a quick guide at the end of this post), and they feature some pretty cool weapons and armor, including collaborations with beloved characters from other Capcom and Nintendo games, and more. Here are some of the highlights:




Now let’s talk about the January DLC pack. This one is all about challenging your skills as a hunter and as a team player, so gather your hunting party and take on some of the deadliest quests in the game. Are you ready to face multiple Hyper Monsters back-to-back or even at the same time? Check out the full quest list below:


Quest : Secret Nibelsnarf Hunt
Objective : Hunt a Hyper Nibelsnarf

Quest : Absolute Power
Objective : Hunt a Hyper Tigrex

Quest : Picturesque Encounter
Objective : Hunt a Hyper Zinogre

Quest : How It’s Done
Objective : Hunt a Hyper Agnaktor, a Hyper Lavasioth, and a Hyper Brachydios

Quest : Raging Twins
Objective : Hunt 2 Furious Rajang

Quest : Unbridled Rage
Objective : Hunt 2 Savage Deviljho

Quest : Insanity and Destruction
Objective : Hunt a Savage Deviljho and a Furious Rajang

Quest : The Best of the Best
Objective : Hunt a Nargacuga, a Tigrex, a Silver Rathalos, a Gold Rathian and a Zinogre

Quest : The Greatest Hunter
Objective : Hunt a Rathalos, a Zinogre, a Brachydios, and a Savage Deviljho

Quest : The Five Kings of Destruction
Objective : Hunt a Hyper Gammoth, a Hyper Astalos, a Hyper Mizutsune, a Hyper Glavenus, and a Hyper Deviljho

Quest : Silver and Gold
Objective : Hunt a Hyper Silver Rathalos and a Hyper Gold Rathian

Quest : The White God Returns
Objective : Slay an Ukanlos

Quest : Harbinger of Death
Objective : Slay a Nakarkos



Quest : Event: Endurance Quest 4
Objective : Slay a Gammoth, a Mizutsune, a Glavenus, and an Astalos

Quest : Event: Endurance Quest 5
Objective : (Prowler) Slay a Velocidrome, an Arzuros, and a Yian Kut-Ku



15x Guild Card Titles
1x Guild Card Background


To access the free DLC, load your copy of Monster Hunter Generations and select the Download menu from the start screen and follow the steps to download all the treats. After that, load your character and talk to the following NPCs for each type of content:

  • Take on Regular Quests and Prowler Quests from the Wycademy Gal at the Hunters Hub;
  • Take on Challenge Quests from the Arena Instructor at the Hunters Hub;
  • Purchase Extras by using Wycademy Points from the Trader at the Palico Ranch (select “Limited Goods” option);
  • Hire Special Palicoes from the Meowstress, Grandmeow or Grandmyama at all four villages
  • Claim Item Packs from your Housekeeper (select the “Claim Items” option)

Thank you for joining us on this hunt for the ages, and we hope you keep on monster hunting with your friends! Happy Hunting!