Monster Hunter Generations coming to Nintendo 3DS in summer 2016

Mar 03, 2016 // Yuri Araujo

Get ready to hunt monsters in style with Monster Hunter Generations when it arrives on Nintendo 3DS this summer! Featuring 4 unique Hunting Styles, special Hunter Arts abilities and more, this is the most customizable Monster Hunter experience to date.

The theme here is celebration, so we took the best parts from the last decade of Monster Hunter games and updated them to the latest generation of gameplay, added a number of new gameplay features, and cranked it all up to 11! Here’s the announcement trailer to kick things off:

This time around, we don’t have just 1 flagship monster… we have 4!

Posing major threats to 4 villages, these monsters are known as The Fated Four. Theybring interesting new elements and attack styles to the hunt and valuable armor skills to hunters that manage to slay them.

Astalos is an electrifying Flying Wyvern with translucent wings and a deadly tail claw. You get to fight it primarily in the Verdant Hills (Forest and Hills) on your quest to protect the village of Kokoto.

Gammoth is an enormous Fanged Beast who roams the Arctic Ridge (Snowy Mountains) near Pokke village and is the series’ first mammoth-inspired monster.

Mizutsune and its brand new Bubbles status ailment are a danger for the inhabitants of Yukumo village. You’ll fight this Leviathan in the Misty Peaks.

Glavenus is the bad boy in the game’s main key art (see header image). This Brute Wyvern roams around the Jurassic Frontier and uses its tail strategically as its primary weapon. It uses its teeth to sharpen and enhance tail attacks. It’s up to you, hunter, to figure out how to take it down and save Bherna village .

Now how will you accomplish these tasks? Well, on top of the 14 weapon types, you now get to choose from 4 distinct Hunting Styles :

Guild Style brings you the latest and most refined move set for each weapon;

Aerial Style lets you jump at any time, landing powerful aerial attacks, mounting monsters from mid-air, and making strategic use of this third combat dimension;

Adept Style requires precision and knowing the monster’s behaviors, but its unique counter-attack setups make it a perfect fit for players that like to stay on the offensive;

Striker Style simplifies the base move-set for each weapon so you can focus on combos to build up your Arts Gauge and unleash powerful Hunter Arts. Speaking of which…

Monster Hunter Generations also introduces a brand new Hunter Arts system. These special moves are not only flashy, but really come in handy, ranging from power-ups to specific tools, evasive maneuvers and devastating attacks with unique animations and properties. Pair this with the 4 Hunting Styles, and the combination possibilities are endless. Aerial and Adept Styles can equip 1 Art at a time, while Guild can equip 2 and Striker can equip up to 3 Hunter Arts, so if you like customizing your character and playstyle, this game is for you!

Another brand new feature is that you can now take control of your trusty Felynes in Prowler Mode. Don’t worry, Palicoes are still there to help you out, but now you can hunt from a completely different perspective. We’ll have more details on this later, so stay tuned.

You can also expect the same robust online feature set established by Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, so it’s always easy to find fellow hunters to help you overcome the newest challenges presented in Monster Hunter Generations .

I know this is a lot of info to digest, but here are two final notes for you:

1) Keep your MH4U save data in your 3DS (or get that game if you haven’t yet; it’s fantastic) because you will be bonus content for MHGen ! More on that later.

2) Fire Emblem collaboration !