MH4U new monster subspecies: Berserk Tetsucabra, Ash Kecha Wacha and more

Jan 02, 2015 // Yuri Araujo

Happy New Year, hunters! Here are 4 new monsters you’ll get to fight in  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate this year!

Throughout 2014, we talked about a variety of brand new monsters introduced in the fourth generation of the  Monster Hunter  series; but did you know even new monsters get their own subspecies? Most of them will be waiting for you at  G-Rank , but here’s what they look like.

And I should note that I won’t be talking too much about them right now, since most of us haven’t even hunted the regular species yet.

Berserk Tetsucabra

A Tetsucabra so fierce it can bite into explosive rocks!


Ash Kecha Wacha

Imagine the regular Kecha Wacha… but with the ability to spit fire!


Tigerstripe Zamtrios

This one you may remember from our event demos; we even  live streamed  it before. Essentially a Zamtrios that can go between its various forms at any time and can paralyze you!


Ruby Basarios

While not a subspecies of a new monster, this is the first time the Basarios gets a subcpecies. Watch out for those ruby crystals… they look like they can break off. 😉


That’s all for now. Keep your eyes open for more  Monster Hunter 4  Ultimate news in the coming weeks and be sure to pre-order your copy today!