MH4U monster spotlight: Najarala, the Wing Snake Wyvern

Aug 01, 2014 // Yuri Araujo

Enter the Najarala,  Monster Hunter ‘s first snake-like monster!

Najarala concept art

If there’s anything Monster Hunter was missing, it had to be a giant snake. Imagine hunting a monster that can paralyze you with its fangs and then coil around you for a devastating combo. Now imagine that same monster can shoot out some of its scales that get stuck on the ground and explode as they resonate with specific sound. That’s the Najarala in a nutshell!


I don’t want to spoil too much of this fight, but I will say this is a very smart monster that will often target stunned hunters; so if you’re hunting in a group, keep an eye out for stunned teammates; and if you’re alone, make sure you have some armor skills or items to prevent yourself from falling victim to Najarala’s deadly combos.

But to keep you motivated, here’s the rad gear you can get from this monster:

Sword and Shield

Long Sword

Gunner armor

Blademaster armor

You can hunt the Najarala and craft its awesome gear early 2015 when  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate hits the Nintendo 3DS.