Monster Hunter Community College 2: enroll NOW for the June 29 session

Jun 04, 2013 // Yuri Araujo

Bigger, better, and more rollicking than ever before… we present to you the second session of the  Monster Hunter Community College,  now officially confirmed for  June 29th , from  11am  to  5pm at the CAPCOM U.S.A. office ! If you’ve attended  the previous one, you know it was a blast and should come back to this one; but if you didn’t, here’s your second chance to come meet up with other hunters, learn something new, get early DLC quests and win awesome prizes!

UPDATE1: we’ve revealed the exclusive MH items for sale at the event!
life-size replicas of Rathalos Firesword and Dios Slicers will be our photo-op!

We’ve got a bunch of new things this time, so keep reading for all the details:


What is Monster Hunter Community College 2?

MHCC2  is the second session of our largest  Monster Hunter  community event, centered on gathering together the Bay Area hunters and teaching the ways of the hunt to all who are new and/or curious about  Monster Hunter .



The RSVP period is over, but we still have room, so feel free to come in! Please remember to  bring a valid form of ID  (more info below).


The enrollment process is simple and easy, but mandatory. Just log-in or  sign-up for a Capcom-Unity account and  purchase this RSVP ticket – don’t worry, it costs you 0 (zero) Unity points, meaning it’s totally FREE!

– We will be checking your ID at the entrance, so make sure you bring it with you;
– Acceptable forms of ID: Passport, Driver’s license, State ID, School ID;
– If you’re under 13 years old, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian;
– Please update your Unity profile with your real name to make the registration process run faster and smoother.

Once you purchase the Raffle Ticket, you should see the dialog box below, and you can always hit the button and see that the MHCC2 raffle will be under ” Raffles I’ve Entered “.

.  .

Come learn all about Monster Hunter – or share your hunting wisdom!

This time, we’re having only one beginner class (send me a Private Message to sign up) for those of you who never played a  Monster Hunter game before.

Now if you’re seasoned hunter, you may be interested in our special interest classes! Or you may even want to teach one! Either way, head over to this thread and help us choose what classes you’re interested in taking or teaching.

Get early access to DLC Event Quests!

In addition to providing a place for you to meet up and connect with other local hunters, you can also get  early access to DLC Event Quests ! By coming to  Monster Hunter Community College 2  you can walk away with two  DLC Event Quests! These will eventually be released for download, but you can get a couple of weeks headstart on everyone else. The following list will be updated as we get closer to the event:

– Early DLC Event Quest 1
– Early DLC Event Quest 2 

(Note: these will be available for the 3DS version only)

Prove your skills on the Extra-Credit tournament! – Live-stream

Ready to be really challenged? Then find a friend and sign up (on site) for the Extra-Credit tournament! We’ll be running an elimination bracket system where you (and one friend) will be trying to hunt a given monster from the Arena and Challenge quests faster than the opposing team! The winning team moves forward and takes on the following challenge, until we have only one winning team.

In order to participate, you (and your friend) must be HR8 or higher and have all the Arena quests unlocked… you have 25 days to get to that point! =)

The Extra Credit tournament will also be Live-streamed –  twitch.tv/capcomunity

BYOC – Bring Your Own Console

Nintendo 3DS –  of course, bring your own 3DS, if you want to get the early DLC Event Quests, hunt with other local hunters, or even transfer your save file to one of the Wii Us in our office (so you can see your character in HD).

Nintendo Wii U – if the Wii U is your hunting gear of choice, feel free to bring it along! We will set up a limited number of TVs with HDMI cables, so all you need to do is plug it in and start playing. You can even play with other 3DS hunters, via local multiplayer. It’s first come, first serve, so be sure to show up early to save your spot.

Win cool prizes! Buy exclusive merchandise!

Just by walking in the door, you will get a raffle ticket – hold on to it because at certain times during the event, we will call draw a raffle prize, so you might walk away with something awesome!

Plus, our very own  Capcom Store  will be there with a number of exclusive  Monster Hunter  items for sale! Like this awesome 3DS case:

When and Where?

June 29, 2013
11am to 5pm PT

Capcom U.S.A.
800 Concar Dr.
San Mateo, CA

Here’s a quick  link to a map  – and remember we are located just a few blocks away (walking distance) from the  Hayward Park Caltrain station .

Don’t wait – Sign-up today!

Again, the sign-up for the event is quite simple: just log-in or  sign-up for a Capcom-Unity account  and  purchase this RSVP ticket  – don’t worry, it costs you 0 (zero) Unity points, aka totally FREE! And bring a valid form of ID (read above)!

The RSVP period is over, but we still have room, so feel free to come in! Please remember to bring a valid form of ID (read ENROLL TODAY section above).

See you at the end of the month!