Announcing Vergil’s Downfall – the untold chapter in the DmC story

Nov 12, 2012 // Yuri Araujo

Good morning everyone, and good news!

Ever since we announced Dante’s twin brother, Vergil , would be part of the new DmC , the number one request was to have him playable in the game; so we’re now very excited to announce that he will, indeed, be playable!

Hit the jump to see the awesome trailer and find out more details.

As you can see in the trailer, Vergil plays very differently from his twin brother. In fact, he’s getting his very own chapter in the story too. Titled  Vergil’s Downfall , it tells the story of how Vergil got to be where is with regards to the main story in the game.

And since it’s a different chapter,  Vergil’s Downfall brings new enemies to the table – which you can then slice and dice with weapons and combos that are unique to Vergil.

So, when will this awesome additional content be available, and for how much? Good questions; it’s coming post-launch, but we haven’t finalized a date yet; and it will cost you only 720 MSPoints or $8.99 . Again, it’s a whole new chapter, consisting of hours of new gameplay, unlockables and leaderboards, summing up to a very sizeable addition that’s definitely worthwhile.

However, if you pre-order it from  GameStop  (U.S.A.) or  EBGames (Canada), you’ll get  Vergil’s Downfall   for FREE !

One more thing… did I mention it comes in four difficulty levels? Well, you better get ready then!