Presenting our Reaverbot Reave-ival Selections

May 24, 2011 // GregaMan

Note: The following post comes courtesy of Action Planner Shingu-san!

Action Planner Shingu here. Thanks for all the votes! From our 10,000+ servbots, we received heaps and heaps of comments and stories about your Reaver-related love, passion, and trauma. Ultimately, we made six selections!

Selections and details after the jump!

1st (Japan and US): Gorubesshu

2nd (Japan and US): Mimic

3rd (Japan): Firushudot

3rd (US): Poh

Special Selection (Japan): Arukoitan

Special Selection (US): Mandomantal 

Who would’ve thought the same Reaverbots would grab first and second place in both  Devrooms? The entire dev team was amazed! We had our inklings about Gorubesshu, but who knew Mimic was such a contender?

As far as number of votes, first place and second place were extraordinarily high, while there was little difference between third and fourth, both in Japan and in the US. It came down to a matter of a dozen or so votes.

For our special, comment-based selection, we discovered that just about every Reaverbot had its share of love and support from the Devroomers, but we went for comments that expressed some kind of specific account or experience with the Reaverbot in question, or that focused on how that Reaverbot would work for Legends 3.

We got a lot of buzz from this event, and the next event we’re planning promises to perform likewise, so I hope you all participate once again!

. . . Er, I guess it’s a little soon to end this post. Let’s look at some of the great comments we got!


Reaverbot Selections

Vote-Based Selections

For our vote-based selections, Gorubesshu and Mimi proved overwhelmingly popular, securing the top positions in both  Devrooms! Since first and second place were the same, we also went ahead and selected the third place Reaverbot from each Devroom.


Comments on Gorubesshu (1st place) 

“It wasn’t the most dangerous Reaverbot out there, but I recall it being the most difficult to defeat. At first, I had so much trouble because of that tough shield, but once I discovered how to beat the guy, it became a piece of cake. But then in Legends 2, they had new status-affecting attacks, renewing their annoyingness all over again. When I discovered the fastest way to dispose of them was to pick ‘em up and throw ‘em, my love for this series reached new peaks. The point is, I really want to see these guys again!”


“I remember being so nervous the first time I saw these guys in the Main Gate. I could tell this dungeon was going to be serious business. Then in Legends 2, those guys appeared early on, when your buster was still weak. But clever use of the “pick up” mechanic allowed for easy disposal of them.

I think if they appear in Legends 3, it’d be cool if there was some new gameplay element you could utilize to help fight these guys.”


“Gorubesshu! I love the traditional Japanese foot soldier look these guys have! My first time up against one of these guys was a tough fight. These brave warriors throw their lives down in the name of their “master”, just like true Japanese soldiers!

I really, really love these guys. I was surprised at how early they showed up in Legends 2, but I sure was happy to see them again! For mighty is the Reaverbot who wields a smart shield and attacks with impeccable rhythm! I thus beseech you—resurrect our Gorubesshu, that he might pursue an all-new journey!”


“This one gives us a taste of all three emotions. It is a guard, prepared to defend this place for eternity, only moving to deal with any intruder. We may not fear it, but we dread what horror it defends that we might unleash.” ( AntiJack #52)

“The Gorubesshus are my favorite, personally. If you tried to just spam from a distance, they were like NOPE JUST GONNA RAISE MY SHIELD LOLOLOLOL. No, you had to run AROUND those little punks. (Plus they look like little samurais! So cool!)” ( LordProsper #839)

“I can’t resist on voting it, it’s I think the only reaverbot who manages to shield off Mega Man’s attacks and when the coast is clear, it attacks Mega Man with a flamethrower, a blue flamethrower, and I think a green one that electrocutes you.” ( BlackIvy #2299)


Comments on Mimic (2nd place)

“The first time I encountered a Mimic, it was the type that shoots out bombs. ‘Whoa! I didn’t know about these guys! Better be careful,’ I said with just a little surprise. But never could I have imagined that there would be other ones that would actually sprout legs! The first time one of those guys started running after me, I freaked out. ‘WAH! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!!’ My whole family laughed at me for that. I want another taste of that fear in Legends 3!”


“Wh. . . why wouldn’t it be assumed  that Mimic would be in this game?! Without Mimic, that tension you get from opening treasure boxes is gone. That would just be too sad. Mega Man Legends [2] is the only game where I’ve ever seen a treasure box sprout legs and start running around.

In my mind, this was actually a revolutionary idea. Who could’ve anticipated that the treasure box before their eyes would start running around? Even after you’ve seen it once, it still gives you a start every time it happens. Not to mention how humorous it looks with that chattering ‘mouth’ and its makeshift-looking skinnylegs. Then when its done running around, it goes back to pretending to be a treasure box in weird locations.

Of all the dungeon traps out there, this guy is probably the only one that not only surprises you, but gives you a laugh as well. In Legends 2, there were just two types of Mimics, but I’d like to see new types appear in Legends 3. How about a Mimic that sprouts wings and flies around? I want newcomers to the series to be able to experience the shock you only get from an ‘active’ treasure box.

No matter how you look at it, the ruins of Mega Man Legends need  Mimics.

Let’s not call this a ‘revival’—let’s call it a ‘standardization’ of the Mimic as a mainstay of the series!”


“Me: ’Hey, a treasure box! Wonder what’s inside. . . . ‘

Mimic: ::stands up::

Me: ‘Eep.’


Me: ‘WAHHHHH!!!!’”


“While Mimics are a common sight in games, the MML Mimics are especially cute. Mimics serve to make you reconsider opening that chest, even though you know there’s no way you won’t be opening it. I especially love when there’s a room full of Mimics and someone becomes totally paranoid from opening chests in that dungeon.” ( Celice #1165)


“Seriously, how can a mimic not be in this game. Chest in the Legends series are always full of awesome stuff. There’s nothing worse then having your dreams crushed when you finally get to a chest you’ve been eyeing for quite some time only to have it turn against you. Ah the memories.” ( Basevi87 #285)


“Mimics for life. They’re always a great addition to games with treasure chests, and when they start showing up it adds a whole nother level of thought to the process of opening a chest. Without them, it’s easy enough to run through a game with reckless abandon, popping open every treasure chest at a whim, but with Mimics around you’re forced as a player to contemplate the possible consequences of opening any given chest in certain situations (low health, etc).” ( Rokku )


Comments on Firushudot (3rd place in Japan)

“In the Lake Jyun Subgate, you finally escape the clutches of that invisible Sharukurusu, only to run straight into these guys, hahaha.

At first you think they’re just swimming around harmlessly, but then suddenly they leap out and launch those shockwaves at you. As an elementary school student at the time, I freaked out pretty bad. And they’ve got so much health. At first I thought they might just be invincible. I always used my jet skates to dash through this area. It was so scary. . . .

Then later, I saw the Firushudot’s concept art in a strategy guide and discovered it has a handle on its back. Reminds me of those elephant-shaped watering cans you see, for some reason. . . . “


“Looking at this thing’s concept illustrations, I discovered that it was actually rather cute, but still, there’s no forgetting the trauma I underwent thanks to the pressure from passing through that one hallways with those water tanks on either side. Shudder. Surely it wouldn’t be a Mega Man Legends game without that feeling.

“If you resurrect just one Reaverbot, let it be this one, this fish of all fishes. I mean, the thing hardly even appeared in the previous games! Even though they created such a great sense of tension, they only ever appeared in that one spot in Lake Jyun. It seems like such a waste. I still remember how terrified I was when I was standing in that hallway staring at these guys, thinking they were just part of the background until suddenly they leapt out at me, thoroughly crushing my aquarium experience. Who knew there wasn’t any glass?! Come to think of it, what was going on there?

The awful, soul-piercing sound of those shockwaves left a strong impression, too. It was like an attack on my very soul. Anyway, all those times this sucker brought me to the brink of death make for great memories now. And yet, they didn’t appear at all in Legends 2. For water sections, we had those Noriebis instead, and those guys were fine, but I wanted to have a fight with Firushudots circling around me. I wanted to beautifully dodge those shockwaves in the water, destroy those guys and make a fish print of them for safekeeping. It also would’ve been cool if you could’ve used those handles on their backs to wield them as weapons.

Since these guys are like fish, I could imagine them appearing in a variety of situations, so I’d really like to see them return.”


“Eight giant Firushudots, one narrow hallway, and an endless stream of shockwaves. Where these three things combine, there is no place for MegaMan. Not to mention the fact that those shockwaves sort of obscure your field of view. You try to jump out of their way, only two receive a rather painful how-do-you-do from the Firushudot himself. It’s so much that it’s laughable. I’d really like to see these guys again. I want to see more of those unreasonable barrages of death. It’s fun to find a way to actually break through all that madness. Don’t think me masochistic or anything, though. Seriously! I’m not!”


“I remember thinking, ‘Wow, a curtain made of water. How lovely,’ mistaking those fish-like things for part of the background. Then, before I even knew what was happening, I’d taken damage. And a lot of damage at that, not to mention how many of those guys there were. I nearly died that time. To be honest, not counting the bosses, that was probably the single hardest part of the original Legends games for me. It’s just unfortunate that this was the only spot where these guys appeared. I know there weren’t a lot of water scenes in those games, but it seems like you could add a fishtank to just about any dungeon . I’d like to see these guys attack you in ‘schools’! You could keep them as tough as they already are, or better yet, make ‘em even tougher! We don’t have a lot of water-based Reaverbots, so it’d be great to see more in Legends 3!!”


Comments on Poh (3rd place in US)

“POH- this fellow was quite interesting he is fun to run around from and destroy as it sticks to your behind as you run in circles,not to mention their hilarious continously opening and shutting mouth and crybaby moving arms. Lol” ( Sharaf  #815)


“Another Legends 2 reaverbot that stood out was the Poh. They made this super eerie chanting noise and got in your way a lot. Similar to the Habarool, the way they never stopped moving once you ticked them off made them kinda freaky, and the jittery way they moved helped too. I’m trying to picture them having one eye and it’s looking pretty sweet. The lanky docile Pohs looked really creepy in their own way, too. You never really knew what would set them off sometimes, and when a bunch popped up you wondered how long it would be before your next firefight. I wanna see that kind of suspense again.” ( Pastel 413#)


“Poh: I really love these things. You approach the object thinking: ‘What is this thing?’ and then it suddenly awakes and starts chasing you. Everytime I play the game again after a year+ long break, I fall for their trick. I can’t imagine myself playing Mega Man Legends 3 and not seeing these enemies or something like them.” ( Celice #1165)


“Poh, its just scary and i like scary things in some what cute games. theres hardly any thing scarier then some thing weak becoming a thrashing monster charging at you in a group.” ( R. Case #203)


“Poh- I call them ravenous zombie reaverbots because of their exit from the ground beneath your feet and continual pursuit of the player with outstretched arms.” ( Master_Ren #1279)


Special Selections

We’ve also made two special selections, based on your comments! Taking comments from both Devrooms into careful consideration, we selected one Reaverbot each, based on which ones had the most passionate, impressive support.

For Japan, we went with Arukoitan, which received stand-out comments from Kobuns #1547, #4816, and #7269.

For the US, we picked Mandomantal, who received exemplary words of support from users TronBonne , Alex , and Max , each of whom will receive 5,000 Unity Points.


Comments on Arukoitan (Japan)

“The original ‘terrifying foostep’ enemy before the role was passed on to Sharukurusu. But then, when you actually encounter the guys, you discover that they’re sort of charming and lovable. Like the way they run into walls and fall over, or the way they just stop in their tracks when they lose their command tower.

It might be cool to have a stronger version of this thing as a mini-boss in Legends 3, and maybe place it in front of a treasure box. He’d be super agile and hard to hit, but if you rolled out of the way when he lunged at you, you could get him to crash into a wall, then use that opportunity to unleash some hand-to-hand moves on him. Doesn’t that sound cool?

It’d be cool if he was impervious to most special weapons, but there’d be some weapon you normally don’t think to use that works well on him or something like that.”


“Here’s our first place Reaverbot! If you ask me, this guy is needed to really let people know what kind of game Mega Man Legends is. Its unforgettable, creepy appearance and unpredictable movements symbolize the mild flavor of horror you find in the Legends series, and I really hope we get to see this again!”


“Those unique movements! Those creepy footsteps! This thing was one of the iconic Reaverbots of the Legends games, and I really want to see it again! I want to see an evolved version of it, too! I want to take on a thousand of these things in an event battle!!!”


Comments on Mandomantal (US)

“Mandomantal!! I think Mandomantal can be used even when not completely underwater…like maybe he could give a scenic tour around the island if Mega Man jumps on his back. I think the peacefulness of Mandomantal is extremely important and just brings out another side of the reaverbots that’s not usually seen. Kind of reminds me of myself, too. Just going about my day, minding my own business, not bothering anyone else unless something really, really makes me angry…haha.” ( TronBonne  #780)


“Mandomantal- I love this reaverbot and it’s my #1 pick. It’s really just such an unique reaverbot, all the other ones you encounter are super agressive while this one just cruses along. I was totally expecting it to be the ruin boss after I took the library key, but that wound up not being the case.It sort of goes with Roll’s statment in MML1 ‘Do you really think what we are doing is right, it’s kinda like stealing.’ Are the reaverbots these beastly creations? It sort of makes one think.” ( Alex #1775)


“The concept of a reaverbot that didn’t try to cut me up was absolutely shocking. I think the first time I saw it, I just opened fire on it, as per survival instinct. After a while, of course, it shot back at me, but eventually I realized that if I left it alone, it didn’t try to kill me. The idea of a peaceful reaverbot, along with the fact that it actually helps you by acting as a moving platform, is something that I strongly believe needs to return in Legends 3.” ( Max #3250)


Runner-Up Awards

We also have a couple runner-up commenters. Reaverbots featured in these comments weren’t selected as winners, but these comments showed extraordinary passion as well as insight, so we felt they deserved mention (and 2000 Unity Points) [Note: Japan has selected their own runner-ups and awarded them via their own Zenny system].

Sukaritt  – Comment by Equivalent Exchange 4U (#3536)

Cannam  – Comment by IceBurner


Welp, there you have it. Thanks to all who voted, and be sure to leave a comment and let us know how you feel about the selections. As always, we’ll leave you with some exciting fine print.


-Selected Reaverbots may be subject to alterations, physical or otherwise.

-Some Reaverbots not selected in this event may still make it into Mega Man Legends 3.