Eguchi Blog: Development Update #2

Apr 19, 2011 // Eguchi

Long time no talk. Eguchi here.

As Producer Kitabayashi said in his own post, our job is to make games, and if there’s anything we can do, it’s put our all into making people feel a little brighter, a little more optimistic through the creation of games and this Devroom. Even if it’s only one person.

Let us remember that Mega Man Legends is, in a sense, a coming-of-age tale of adventure, where heroes push onward despite the incredible hardships standing before them. I want this game to bring out the strength and courage in others!

Now then, let’s show off some more shots of the game in development! In my last post, I think I showed you some early screens from around last year’s Comic Con. Let’s pick up where we left off.

[note: all screens are of the game still in development, and are for educational purposes only]


October, 2010 test

The general vibe of the city was starting to take form. The time had come to run a test, to see how vast we could make the city within our technological capabilities. We copied and pasted the same section of terrain over and over, and applied an enormous “resident texture.” Sure looks like a test to me.


November, 2010

Here, we ran a night/day test. With new hardware come new dreams. See how our ambition grows!


Early December, 2010

Here’s a more picturesque test map. You can see that the overall design has really started to take form. As we use this map to add in more and more design details, the planners are able to hone the design of the map to be used in the actual game. The image has changed quite drastically from its original form.


vwoon vwoon vwoon vwoon. . . .

This dungeon has gradually progressed as well. At this stage, we haven’t yet applied the “beatdown treatment*” to the Reaverbots, so you can blast them all you want with your buster, but they won’t actually fall. It does feel* like combat though.

*”Beatdown treatment” is where we apply the effects that cause the Reaverbot to explode once its life has dropped to zero after taking damage.


Mid December, 2010

Gradually, the general shape of Teomo City has begun to solidify. It’s currently pretty large. How large?

This large.

No no no, that’s TOO large!! We tried actually walking around in the game to get a sense of the scale. The town was decidedly too big.


Late December, 2010

We adjust the size of the city and then begin creating objects and such. We begin with a sort of obtuse, general shaping of things. The models and textures are still very rough. Afterward, we will gradually build up our models and draw in more detail for our textures. But that’s another blog for another time.

Next time will be a big one, so look forward to it, yo! It looks like we’ll be able to finally reveal all those images that’ve been restricted up until now!

Isn’t that right, Kitabayashi-san?