Beware; Ultra Street Fighter IV Horror Costumes Are Coming!

Oct 19, 2015 // ComboFiend

Hey guys, it’s almost time for Halloween and you know what that means right? It’s time to terrify the competition with something even scarier than landing all your one frame links without plinking; that’s right, the all new Horror costumes for USFIV are set to launch this October 27 th through Steam, PS4, PS3 and Xbox360. 

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For those looking to cause pandemonium online with these creepy costumes, you’ll be able to purchase all of them under the Complete Horror Pack at $19.99 (€17.99/£14.99) or if you would like, just choose packs consisting of your favorite characters for $3.99 (€3.99/£3.29).

I have to say, these costumes are some of the best yet. Take a look below to get a peek of each character’s costume, as well as find out who’s included in each pack.

2014 Challengers Horror Pack

Arcade Challengers Horror Pack

Brawler Horror Pack

Challengers Horror Pack 1

Challengers Horror Pack 2

Classic Horror Pack

Femme Fatale Horror Pack

Shadoloo Horror Pack

Shoryuken Horror Pack

Those are some pretty cool costumes, right? And remember, these are just the default colors! My personal favorites are Elena, Hugo and Hakan. Which are your favorites?