USFIV Release Date Information

Nov 15, 2013 // ComboFiend

If there’s one thing I get asked more than “Combofiend, will my character be the best in Ultra SFIV?” it’s definitely, “So when can I get my hands on this?!!” Although I can’t really answer the first question as that’s up to the players to decide, I can answer the second question. Mark your calendars as Ultra SFIV hits arcades in Japan in April 2014, with the digital download versions for North American and European consoles coming soon after (before EVO!).

Now I’m sure that’ll stem the new question of “April…why is it being released so far away?” I agree that it’s a little ways away but Ultra will be everything our fans have requested and more than they expected.

We’ve been working hard to ensure that this is indeed the most openly influenced version of SF yet. Just on Capcom-Unity alone there was well over 20,000 comments that we had to go through to make sure that the most beneficial changes made it in, while also pleasing the fans. That takes work people!

Recently, we announced the introduction of Red Focus and Ultra Combo Double, but the new content doesn’t stop there. New modes will also be coming your way and although I can’t get into details this second, let me just say that we’re continuing to review your suggestions and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with everything we’re packing into Ultra.

Additionally the team here is meticulously reviewing every minute detail on the five new characters so that they fit in Ultra Street Fighter IV perfectly. That means that the universal character rules (hit animations, hit stun, damage, etc) must be implemented correctly so that they will properly function amongst the rest of the cast. Simply “porting them over” is not an option as the universal rules for Street Fighter X Tekken were so much different that those of Street Fighter IV. They’re shaping up to be pretty fun though, so make it out to a location test and help shape their development.

Speaking on the development of those four characters, allow me to share a few new action shots of them and a little about how they’ll function in Ultra Street Fighter IV. 


The Capoeira Queen herself. Elena has traditionally had very few options off of her low attacks despite having great range on her kicks. This has been changed this time around, so expect a fun, mid-ranged character who can also hold her own up close with an exciting high/low game.


Rolento has always been a character who can control space both offensively and defensively with his diverse move set. As players have come to know and love his movement and style, we wanted to make sure this was captured in his first Street Fighter IV appearance. Take note, that unlike his Street Fighter X Tekken incarnate; he will not be taking any prisoners this time around.


Every grappler has their own unique characteristic that makes them a threat in addition to their powerful throws. For Zangief, it’s combos; for T.Hawk, it’s his air control; and for Hakan, it’s his uncanny oil movement. Well for Hugo, we think it’ll be his corner pressure. Once he puts you there, you may never get out!


Poison’s play style will be a departure from her Street Fighter X Tekken incarnate. Although she had the tools to play any way she wanted, she didn’t have the damage to back it up. This time around, it’s a different story. She’ll have a variety of fun attacks to play with in close, yet will still be able to hold her own mid range and against projectile characters. 

Although Ultra is coming out early 2014, if you can make it out to a location test, you can try it well before then. Meanwhile, we’ll be hard at work making sure that Ultra is the game that fans want, and believe me, it will definitely be worth the wait.