Capcom Cup UMvC3 Voting Poll Now Open

Oct 22, 2013 // ComboFiend

All of our Capcom Cup tournaments have their own theme. For Super Street Fighter 4:AE it’s “the Global Battle,” for Street Fighter X Tekken it’s “Online Warriors vs. Tournament Veterans,” and now I present Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ’s theme “Vote for Hype!” There’s more to read below, but if you just want to vote, you can go here .

Now, we here at Capcom have been watching who brings the hype and we’ve tried to include them on the poll . Sometimes though, favorites may slip under the radar. We’ve included a box where you can write in your own selection. If that name comes up enough times, heck, they could win the spot. Also remember, you only have three votes , so make them count!

Polls close on November 5 th , so be sure to spread the word and vote for hype!