Super Street Fighter 4 Update Info

Jul 13, 2013 // ComboFiend


Ah, so where do I start?…I think I’ll go with the characters. So without further ado, joining the SF4 roster, you have:





Myterious 5th Character!!

I’m personally excited to be able to use Rolento in SF4. Yes, he was in SFxT, but SF4 and SFxT play very differently, so it’ll be a treat to use him against Seth, Hakan, and others that are not in SFxT. As for the mysterious 5 th character, you’ll just have to sit tight until more information is released.

A lot of feedback was sifted through to find the best ways to balance the characters in the SF4 update. Top players from the US and Japan were consulted, as well as all the wonderful feedback provided through the Capcom Unity forums and Capcom Japan surveys.

To properly balance the character, we had to think of what the “personality” of the character was, and in effect, how to play to those strengths. It was rather daunting, but I definitely feel the characters are headed in the right direction.  Provided below are some examples of the changes made.          


The improvements to Chun-Li will allow her to play a stronger offensive game as she now has more opportunities to knock down

  • HP increase to 950
  • EX Kikoken knockdown on hit
  • EX Hazanshu armor break



The improvements to Balrog will allow for him to play a much more aggressive playstyle which he is known for.

  • Dirty Bull now has longer range
  • Buffalo head has reduced recovery
  • Lower charge time for higher levels of Turn Around Punch



The improvements to Dudley will allow him to go toe to toe with others at a distance a lot better than before.

  • Short Swing Blow completely throw invincible
  • Increased damage on all target combos
  • Larger hitbox on attacks (e.g. Kidney Blow)



The improvements to T.Hawk allow him to pressure the opponent better with new offensive options and movement, lowering his dependency on command grabs.

  • Crouching middle kick now special cancelable
  • Faster walk speed
  • Improvements to Ultra 2


Those examples are just scraping the top of the barrel, but you get the idea. I’ll release more info on the characters, each probably in their own post in the future, so sit tight for that.

So with new characters, battle balance, and a slew of other features that will be slowly leaked out in the near future, I’m sure the question of price has been on your mind. To that extent, there are two options of ownership, the digital upgrade path and the stand alone disc.

If you own Super Street Fighter 4 or Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, you can download the update for $14.99. This will upgrade the game as is, with all your data intact. The other option would be to buy the disc version, which will give you all DLC costumes for all characters released until now, as well as future content (to be discussed in the future). This option is available for $39.99.

Although the exact release date hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, we’re expecting to get this into your hands early 2014!

GET HYPE!! Be sure to check back for more information.